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Space Shock
What is new in Space Shock vol.1
January 26, 2013 - Jonsnow

Firstly we would like to thank you all for giving us five stars in extremely short time and for absolutely amazing portion of not only encouraging comments but for many "awesome" screaming ideas.
Now we are several steps closer to our Space Shock Kickstarter campaign. There is new video showing some improvements. Do not hesitate to give us a feedback or new ideas for another improvements. This game will be for you, the players and you only want to play a good game!

What is new in Space Shock

Target & Target Lock

When the enemy or NPC steps into your line of fire the target HUD will appear in the middle at the top of screen. Target panel provides you many useful information about the enemy:

- name
- current health points
- type (robotic or organic),
- enemy level
- distance between the party and enemy
- buffs and debuffs of the enemy
- casting/channeling time of the special abilities of the enemy

Auto Attack

While you can shoot with your weapons manualy, there is an option switching the Auto Attack mode on. The party will attack the enemy automaticaly with the equiped weapons until the members do not lose the target. If the target is locked and at least one of the weapon is on active cooldown the party members will continue attacking the enemy comming back into the line of fire . If no weapon is on it's cooldown you need to start to attack the enemy by clicking on any Red attack button. All characters will start to attack the enemy at the same time.

Damage indicators

This feature will add the damage, PSI effects (stuns, disables, DoTs etc.) as shifting text from the enemy to the same direction (left, top, right) the damage is coming from.
Damage dealt to the party, all effects of enemy's PSI powers will be shown on the party member

There is a new video showing the new features, hope you will like it. Any feedback is very appreciated.


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Kind regards