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War Thunder
War Thunder given the Greenlight!
2013. február 27. - todace

Dear War Thunder players and Steam users!

War Thunder advanced through Steam Greenlight and was listed among brand-new titles to be offered via Steam services.

We are very grateful to War Thunder community and prepared a special present for you. From Feb. 27 16:00 GMT till 20:00 GMT next day Feb. 28 you’ll get +50% to experience gain for all aircraft of all nations in all game modes — Arcade, Historic and Full-Real Battles!

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87 megjegyzés
Annvill 2013. aug. 19., de. 6:19 
Cool !! +5
docholiday 2013. aug. 15., de. 6:19 
please please bring it to steam
Wicked Mouse 2013. aug. 9., du. 6:48 
I'd guess so.
Hiten 2013. aug. 8., du. 1:59 
What is the holdup bringing this to Steam? Are you waiting for the official launch?

(It's a great game, want to see it available here ASAP!)
DIVINE RAGE_GOA 2013. aug. 8., de. 7:26 
internet idiots, google: war thunder, go to their official website and install from there ._.'
MeechyManne 2013. aug. 7., du. 3:52 
zun 2013. aug. 1., du. 3:25 
bwaseous 2013. júl. 30., du. 12:06 
Emperor Lrrr (◣◢)┌∩┐ 2013. júl. 26., de. 5:55 
When will thie be on Steam so i can finally use the Steam overlay.
JACOB 2013. júl. 25., du. 8:10 
You all know you can get this game without use of steam...Right?