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War Thunder
War Thunder is in Global Open Beta
6 febbraio 2013 - Gaijin Entertainment

Recently the game has entered Open Beta for all English-speaking European and North America countries.
Also we have updated the game to 1.27 version.
1.27 introduces new locations, and a coolest new feature - controlling a plane after critical damages. Now, if your pilot is still conscious, you can control your aircraft even if it is one-winged or on fire!
In addition to that, we have added support of low-end videocards and integrated video (laptops). The minimum system requirements had dropped almost to toasters!

Check yourself here:

41 commenti
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S1L3NTDRA60N 5 ago 2013, ore 19:48 
wow this is great
Cyrus 2 ago 2013, ore 14:37 
i like this game, steam add it!
Bergie699 10 lug 2013, ore 3:28 
i love the game
D3viousjack 7 lug 2013, ore 13:41 
this is a very fun game to play i would recommed it
RaZZeR #2 21 giu 2013, ore 20:30 
So this is like World of Warplanes except with more planes and aircrafts carriers and stuff?
Intel Core 20 giu 2013, ore 22:02 
nice game
★{ImMoRtAL★oF★GrEeCe}★ 15 giu 2013, ore 0:19 
Beetlebroc 25 mag 2013, ore 22:01 
MMO ? LoL There will be the Gold Spammers again and, oh yes, "LFG....gear checked at landing zone!". Right, play against the kids that grind for 2 weeks straight to be uber powerful and casual players, like myself, will get pawned. No thanks.
SmearyToast 17 mag 2013, ore 21:42 
This needs submarines and destroyers! (this balances it out) I am really looking forward to this!
Hermanfg7 2 mag 2013, ore 3:41 
i want now !!!!!!!!!!!