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Legends of Dawn
Legends of Dawn - Achievements (140+)
9 de maio de 2013 - DreamatrixTeam

As we informed you on March 20th we got Steam SDK and beside working on voice overs we were studying that stuff. So over the course of last few weeks we have revamped Achievement system. This is mainly due to the fact that now we have access to Steam systems. We are striving to make the game as compatible with Steam as we can. This, however, does not mean that non-Steam players will lack anything. All achievements are available in off-line mode as well.

Our upgraded Achievements panel had three categories with 7 achievements in each category. After these new upgrades we have implemented over 20 achievement categories with more than 142 different achievements. We hope this will make better playing experience for all our players.

Some of these achievements are quite easy to complete and some are really difficult. Some of them even require that you play the game multiple times.

We'd like to hear in comments section about experiences that you had with Steam achievements (particularly with single player RPGs).

The voice overs are now built in and we are still testing it internally. Integration is relatively simple and fast however testing it, that is finding each point in the game where dialogs happen and checking if playback of all audio files. This is a tedious process because the territory in the game is big and we have to play quests in all available combinations in order to trigger al the dialog files. Fixing the problems is simple though, because these are mostly naming mistakes where a single letter difference results in audio file not being recognized.

Yet another unexpected and important job is in front of us; Many backers requested the game through GoG and we were already in discussions with them about releasing Legends of Dawn on their platform. However they request that the game should be playable 100% in off-line mode. Legends of Dawn isn't online game however we built it in a such a way that the game requests an IP so the computer has to be connected to router when starting the game. Afterwards the connection isn't needed however this is a limitation that they do not want so as soon as we test the achievement system we'll work on that.

Originally we planned to release the beta as soon as we test all VOs, however expansion of the achievement system and planned work on GoG's request are core features that have to be a part of beta testing so we'll first do all that and then we'll have to learn how to publish the beta through Steam to a selected few testers.

Also we'd like to call all backers who still did not respond to our survey. We need your names and addresses not only for those whom we'll ship to DVDs but before that for in game credits. We need before the beta is released.

We hope that additional wait will bring you a better game. As always thanks for your patience, support, involvement in our forum and especially for spreading the word.

Dreamatrix team