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Legends of Dawn
Legends Of Dawn - Sarium Dungeon
30 ianuarie, 2013 - DreamatrixTeam

We would like to thank everybody who become a member of our community at Dreamatrix forum, and those who kept spreading the word on Steam, Facebook etc. At this moment we are at 26th place on Greenlight and we'd like to call all our backers to help increase the buzz so that Legends of Dawn gets a chance of entering Top 10 candidates. So please keep spreading the word.

Sarium Outpost Dungeon! (Stretch Goal)
We just finished implementation of the Sarium Outpost dungeon! This dungeon was made due to the high Kickstarter support, so thank you all our supporters (PayPal too). :-D

For all of you, this dungeon was made as an end point of one of the quests. You will have to find specific relic that used to be in the Sarium Outpost. That's small fort at the north of the map. Sarium Outpost was overrun by monsters and destroyed and relic used to be in it. Right now, relic is beneath the outpost, in the dungeon that used to be cellar that expands into natural caves. There was last stand where soldiers of the outpost withdrew beneath the outpost in hopes to defend against the monsters. You will encounter temporary barracks, priest's quarters, ancient mausoleum and more.

Somewhere in the dark and real deep, where nobody goes, stands an ancient monument, with all the backer names.
We'll let you know about further progress in future weeks.

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5 comentarii
-Silver the Dragon- 17 feb., 2013 @ 12:08 
all that stands in the dark is Amazon not sending the money fast so lets kick there arses out of there Office
thunderb 1 feb., 2013 @ 10:33 
I hope Legends of Dawn makes it to Steam. Especially after making your Kickstarter goal which I am proud to be a backer of. Best of luck :)
⚔️ Ž ⏂ Ṛ 🐉 31 ian., 2013 @ 8:43 
"Somewhere in the dark and real deep, where nobody goes, stands an ancient monument, with all the backer names. "

Awesome forever Immortalized with my name on an ancient monument in a video game who would of thought :)
DreamatrixTeam 31 ian., 2013 @ 4:45 
Kuzikan, Thx.
Santa Kuzi 30 ian., 2013 @ 14:51 
I seriously cannot wait for you guys to launch and get greenlit. I've got a major itch for a game like this and i'ma take this game and rub it all over that itch!