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Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?
Thanks all !!!
11 février 2013 - Ju

Thanks all for your encouragement and support, but we still don't have enough votes to pass greenlight. If you wish help us then we'll appreciate if you spread few words about Wimp to your friends.

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12 commentaires
CanKan 19 avr 2014 à 3h28 
im waiting for this
WITH A HARD R 12 avr 2014 à 13h10 
I played it all on my phone and it is awesome.Can`t wait for it to be on Steam!
Tyrone 18 jan 2014 à 9h21 
seems awesome
Komnccap 2 jan 2014 à 7h03 
nikkeke 1 jan 2014 à 7h31 
Onkohan tuo peli?
MARLONG 25 oct 2013 à 3h51 
BananaLastHero 19 mai 2013 à 22h10 
Majestic Afro 18 avr 2013 à 8h21 
Thank you for answering my question!
Ju 18 avr 2013 à 1h42 
@Sanguine Master We've release first PC version of Wimp at Desura
Majestic Afro 17 avr 2013 à 8h28 
Do you have a demo for wimp at all?