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The Cat Lady
27. november, 2013 - markymint

If you would like to update your copy to a version that includes French, Spanish and German subtitles, just visit this URL:

There are some minor UI and spelling fixes, bug fixes and Vsync plugin that should reduce/eliminate screen tearing. It also updates you with the soundtrack whether you have it or not into a folder called "OST" (in ogg format).

However - old save games cannot be used with this version AND there is a new font to allow for the foreign translations within the game - so this version may not be for everyone... Simply re-install your DRM-free version 1.2 to use your save-games again and revert back to the old version.

Installing this update will not affect your Save Games, but you may want to back them up anyway as mentioned, old save games cannot be used with the updated version (1.3), sorry about that!

The translations have been made by kind fans of the game. Please be aware that they may not be free from errors. Also note that this new version 1.3 is the one that will be available on Steam, so if you do spot any translation problems before our release on Dec 4th we'd be happy to hear from you to try and correct them.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the free update!

Which version can be updated?
It should work with ALL DRM-free copies of version 1.2 of the Cat Lady. So far, the only version of the game out there. We know it definitely works with copies bought via Screen 7 & GOG. If you have a problem, contact us & tell us where you got the game from, thanks!

13. november, 2013 - markymint

The title says it all, you can get the game on Steam from December 4th. Keys for bundles and Screen 7 customers will arrive shortly before or shortly after this date. THEN we are having a nice Christmas break...

We'll be getting the drm-free update ready for distribution around this date also. The expanded OST will be available on iTunes and Spotify, Amazon MP3, Xbox Live music etc in early December.

Thanks again for your support - in whatever sense - it took a while, but The Cat Lady is ready for Steam :)

20. oktober, 2013 - markymint

A small update for those interested in the progress:

We've set up the store page ready for release.

Remi is working on the achievements and trading cards artwork.

We've got help from Michael Rittenhouse who has successfully uploaded a build to Steam. He's working on the code and achievements along with Remi. So far things have gone very well!

Once these steps are completed, we then pass the info on to a Valve rep who will look over everything and give us the go ahead for release, but we have no idea how long this process takes, sorry.

One other note is that whilst the translations (subtitles) are 98% complete, we are working to try and translate a little more. The verbs, such as "use" do not show up translated and we realize this could be a problem for some players. This may delay us a little bit extra as we do our best to work out if they can be translated.

But all in all, it's very close now. Thanks for staying positive and supporting Cat Lady here at Steam :)

* Other points about the game and the next couple of months:

a) If you own a DRM-free copy, a free update will be available very soon after the Steam release, which includes the translations and expanded OST. We'll do our best to notify all customers of this when it happens.

b) We'll be bringing the expanded OST to iTunes, Spotify and your favorite music sites

c) We don't know about getting OST onto Steam at this point, so we can't answer your questions about that yet, sorry!

d) Those who bought one of our three deals from the Cat Lady website (Teacup, Mitzi or Susan deal) will get a Steam key sent within 2 weeks of release here at Steam. We are still working out their "key" system. Those who bought the game as part of a bundle will also get a Steam key sent to them, we can only hope those bundle sites manage to get them to you in a short time after release.

e) Thanks for your continued interest in Downfall. GOG are currently looking over the game to see if they will sell it at their site. Of course, you can get it from our website ( or the Downfall official site ( and get the deal "Quiet Haven" for DRM-free copy and Desura key. Although people have asked if we will get Downfall on Steam, we don't have an answer on that one for you yet, sorry - but never say never :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Mark L
and on behalf of Rem M

7. oktober, 2013 - markymint


PHASE 1: Get Greenlit! (Complete)
PHASE 2: Agreements with Steam & Tax info (Complete)
PHASE 3: Get the Cat Lady on the Steam system (Complete)
PHASE 4: Release! (date coming soon!)

Sorry for the delay. Why is this the case?

We still need to obtain an EIN (tax related thing) from the IRS in America before we can continue. With the US Gov Shutdown, this is impossible, so we can't continue until the US Gov & IRS comes back online. And even then, for us foreigners, obtaining an EIN is no easy feat. Unfortunately this is a totally necessary step for us to get a fair deal on Steam selling our game, one that we refuse to skip just to get it out early. So again we apologise for the delay but at this very moment, it's completely out of our control.

As soon as things progress in a positive manner, we will of course update you here. For now, it's a frustrating situation made worse by the fact there's a shutdown on IRS communications and that we're not American citizens.

Thanks for keeping an interest, we of course, want it to happen as soon as possible too :) We have no idea when that will be though.

30. august, 2013 - markymint

A big THANK YOU for helping us reach Greenlit status here on Steam! As you know they recently put 100 games through to stress test their system. Before we can stress test their system, their system is going to test our levels of stress with all the necessary tax information, intergration with Steam and all the keys people have and want, and making that - and it - all happen. We'll work through it as quickly as is humanly possible. We'll get to answering some of your specific questions here and update you on the process here soon, so keep an eye on our Greenlight page over the next few weeks :)

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