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The Cat Lady
For release Dec 4th
13 de Novembro de 2013 - Screen 7

The title says it all, you can get the game on Steam from December 4th. Keys for bundles and Screen 7 customers will arrive shortly before or shortly after this date. THEN we are having a nice Christmas break...

We'll be getting the drm-free update ready for distribution around this date also. The expanded OST will be available on iTunes and Spotify, Amazon MP3, Xbox Live music etc in early December.

Thanks again for your support - in whatever sense - it took a while, but The Cat Lady is ready for Steam :)

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54 comentários
Goshujinsama 3 Dez, 2013 às 14:00 
I've been waiting for this, so soon <3
Unperfect One 3 Dez, 2013 às 13:25 
Congratulations guys!
Jintek 3 Dez, 2013 às 10:35 
Still no Steam keys are showing up for those of us that bought the Phoenix Horror Bundle. I really hope the dev's honor what they said about those buyers receiving keys.
Mcboats 30 Nov, 2013 às 1:41 
Barney2013 26 Nov, 2013 às 18:23 
yeah cant wait
eami 25 Nov, 2013 às 10:41 
zeroxxx 23 Nov, 2013 às 17:56 
At long last.
Tunčíku Miláčku 23 Nov, 2013 às 9:37 
so happy to hear that :)
Danaris 23 Nov, 2013 às 4:45 
yaaaay Finally :D Thanks Screen 7
Popcorn 19 Nov, 2013 às 14:10