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Bedankt voor je hulp bij het selecteren van dit spel voor distributie via Steam. Meer informatie, waaronder een link naar de Steam-winkelpagina, kan hier onder gevonden worden.

The Cat Lady
BMA bundle features The Cat Lady
21 februari 2013 - Screen 7

A fantastic deal[www.groupees.com], absolute bargain for just $5 you get several great games + The Cat Lady DRM free, Desura key AND a forthcoming Steam key if we get greenlit! http://www.groupees.com/bma

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5 opmerkingen
Laken 27 mrt 2013 om 5:56nm 
I want this game so badly...
Teh Nanaki 15 mrt 2013 om 3:06nm 
I really REALLY want to buy this game, so many options in dialogues and actions
Olivia 23 feb 2013 om 8:19vm 
This is hands-down the best bundle I've ever seen. Absolutely incredibly amount of quality in there.
K-Boom 22 feb 2013 om 10:20vm 
Hope you make it on Steam. Haven't played yet but the game seems pretty good.
Trump's dick is a Cheeto 21 feb 2013 om 12:29nm 
Thanks for the heads up! I can't wait to play your game!