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War For The Overworld
War for the Overworld has been Greenlit!
15. Januar 2013 - Subterranean Games

Hey folks,

Today we received some excellent news — War for the Overworld has been Greenlit on Steam! We are extremely excited by this and cannot thank you all enough for your support in making this happen.

Check out Valve's announcement here.

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team

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33 Kommentare
Tezor01 5. Mai 2013 um 3:01 Uhr 
PRAISE THE LORD !!! can't wait to pre-purchase this !!!
KrabbSatan 27. Feb. 2013 um 6:12 Uhr 
Ow yes A new minion has entered your dungeon ( il be buying this game) and playing for the old times sake shame it took so long for a new dungeon keeper but here it is Thank heavens
Thoogah 21. Feb. 2013 um 7:56 Uhr 
wicked!! can't wait to get this game dudes gj definitely :D
ӔΤΗΕR 17. Feb. 2013 um 19:35 Uhr 
Dungeon Keeper....you're back!!!!
Psychomancer 15. Feb. 2013 um 1:39 Uhr 
haha awesome how fast this got GL! cant wait to preorder and get my horny on!! wait....
Darian 6. Feb. 2013 um 20:30 Uhr 
I can't wait for this. Greenlit and Kickstarted! Loved Dungeon Keeper games
Jeff 4. Feb. 2013 um 14:24 Uhr 
OMG i just found out about this. i love dungeon keeper so this sohup be brilliant
Vibe 3. Feb. 2013 um 4:30 Uhr 
Congrats! ;)
RootCookie 26. Jan. 2013 um 11:55 Uhr 
Cant wait! Here's to the classics & grats on the Greenlight and Kickstart.
Knusperfrosch 21. Jan. 2013 um 0:21 Uhr 
Looking forward to it. I used to play Dungeon Keeper and DK 2 a lot back in those days. Hope this will be a worthy successor.