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War For The Overworld
WFTO Wednesday #1
9. tammikuu, 2013 - Subterranean Games

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6 kommenttia
Djerassi 10. tammi, 2013 16.44 
Still have Dungeon Keeper 2 as my screen saver....my most favorite game.
snapfit 10. tammi, 2013 14.20 
NIce, proud to be a backer! Can't wait for the Beta.
M-A 10. tammi, 2013 7.09 
First project i backed on Kickstarter !
[MOB]VinBeast 10. tammi, 2013 4.09 
Huge fan of Dungeon Keeper 2 and seeing the vids gave me fond memories, very excited for this release :P
Lynfiord 10. tammi, 2013 0.51 
Good! Can't wait for the announcement "The Game it's Ready!"
Freyar 9. tammi, 2013 17.06 
I had to smack a blood imp to get my news today. Seems the little things wanted something for themselves for a change.