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War For The Overworld
Greenlight Launch!
19 december 2012 - Subterranean Games

Today we begin the War For The Overworld Greenlight campaign! While we currently are running our Kickstarter campaign at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/subterraneangames/war-for-the-overworld to get the game funded, we need to prepare for distribution.

With the Bedrock Beta launch date a mere 3 months away, and the impending full game release in August, we must take the necessary steps to get the release ready. Since you, the community, are our focus in Kickstarter for deciding if we get funded, so should it be our focus when determining whether we get Greenlit on Steam.

Steam will also play a big role in our multiplayer and matchmaking service, making it a crucial part to our focus.

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team

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21 opmerkingen
Infaustus 8 jan 2013 om 9:12nm 
german translation for me, please, and then it´s a "must have" for me :)
[RD] Tokra 29 dec 2012 om 6:09nm 
Just to let you guys know, this game IS now funded!! Woop!!!
YourBrotherFromAnotherMother 28 dec 2012 om 3:13vm 
finally after 13 years of waiting !
wesley.willems 26 dec 2012 om 10:14vm 
Recently bought Dungeon Keeper 2 and loved it. I hope this game gets funded!
js_garcia03 23 dec 2012 om 3:16vm 
Backed!, can't wait for the release
† Godtfred † 22 dec 2012 om 8:59nm 
I would be willing to pay "Almost" Anything for this game. I loved the old DK's and played both of them at least 300 hours. I'm planning on Donating a rather large amount of money if I can get them by Jan 3rd if I cant i'll pay whatever I have. :D
zen 22 dec 2012 om 8:11nm 
i donated .... yay
i get the collectors edition when it comes out.
General_Vlad 21 dec 2012 om 4:45nm 
remember to dungen skeeper, i happy when it coming oute
Guardious 21 dec 2012 om 12:05vm 
nah they did talk with EA directly so not to step on the issues of "IP rights" so they are good to go with their version of a DK. Support them with the kickstarter, think of it as your pre-order.
Wrath 20 dec 2012 om 8:36vm 
Any affiliation to the old Bullfrog? I seem to remember that the tentative title for DK3 was also, War for the Overworld. Not that I'm complaining. After EA gutted Bullfrog, I've been desperately hoping for another Dungeon Keeper title. From what little I've seen, you guys seem on the money so far. Give me my haughty succubi dominatrices and I'll just hand you my wallet -- you can take what you want