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April 30th Release Locked In!
21 aprile 2014 - Nyu Media

Valve has approved Croixleur Sigma for release on April 30th, so we are good to go! :)

Here is the Croixleur Sigma Steam page:

Jfyi, the site has been updated and we'll hopefully have the launch trailer ready to go soon.

Not long now!

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9 commenti
Chensaw 26 apr 2014, ore 13:45 
RandomSanity 21 apr 2014, ore 16:16 
Nyu Media 21 apr 2014, ore 14:41 
@Stripey Of course!

Anyone with Steam key delivery questions, please check this thread!
LoliconSuspect 21 apr 2014, ore 14:39 
Stripey 21 apr 2014, ore 14:03 
Guessing folks that bought it directly from the website get a key too?
Phantom Symphony 21 apr 2014, ore 12:29 
Thank you for the answer.
Nyu Media 21 apr 2014, ore 12:29 
@Phantom Yes.
Phantom Symphony 21 apr 2014, ore 12:26 
Will people who bought "Let's Build a Doujin Bundle!" on groupees long time ago get codes for steam ?
AbyssalSoul 21 apr 2014, ore 12:18