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Win a Copy of Croixleur from Tokyopop!
1 février 2013 - Nyu Media

In support of the Croixleur release & Greenlight entry, our friends at Tokyopop are holding 'create a sword' competition!

Visit the thread and post your funniest combination of sword name plus a special ability for the sword. The 5 entries with the highest number of Likes will each win a copy of the game!

LINK! http://www.facebook.com/TOKYOPOP/posts/403700219720561

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3 commentaires
DalFromSpace© 4 fév 2013 à 10h47 
Vote for "The Titan's Bindings!" :D
Nyu Media 4 fév 2013 à 6h50 
They're no longer publishing in the US, but still exist as an entity and have a pretty big social media following.
DreamDrop 3 fév 2013 à 11h09 
Tokyopop still exists?