Tato hra dostala od komunity zelenou!

Komunita projevila o tuto hru zájem. Společnost Valve je nyní v kontaktu s vývojáři, aby se věci pohly správným směrem a hra byla vydána ve službě Steam.

Croixleur Released Today!
24. ledna 2013 - Nyu Media

Croixleur released this morning for the paltry sum of $4.99 at GamersGate, Desura.com & Nyu Media website! Links to all three purchase pages are right here: http://croixleur.com/buy

Currently we're at 86% toward the Top 100 in Steam Greenlight, so we need more votes to get it on Steam!

Don't let that put you off picking up a copy today, though - Steam keys will be provided to anyone who buys the game from any other distributor once it passes Greenlight!

For more details on Croixleur, please check out the Greenlight Description and visit the Croixleur website at: http://croixleur.com/.


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Počet komentářů: 9
Ironwing 9. úno. 2013 v 7.57 odp. 
Thats awesome. I hope it gets the greenlight soon so I can buy it
X ---- > 31. led. 2013 v 4.21 odp. 
Vote + :D
Matroska 29. led. 2013 v 5.20 odp. 
Come on people, vote for this!
Commander Fabricio 25. led. 2013 v 7.57 odp. 
Great! Let's hope these numbers will keep rising! :)
As I did with Eryi's Action, I'll buy this game and wait for its Steam release.
unpronounceable 25. led. 2013 v 1.46 odp. 
Congrats! I'll probably buy it sometime in the near future.
woodi-Chan 25. led. 2013 v 9.24 dop. 
only 14% more now.
♥ Jennifer ♥ 24. led. 2013 v 9.47 odp. 
Awesome, glad to hear it. Congrats!
Ren 24. led. 2013 v 5.28 odp. 
Loving the game so far, it's amazing. o_o
Dal-From-Space© 24. led. 2013 v 2.07 odp.