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13 giugno 2013 - Digital Happiness

Yayy!!! we’ve been GREENLIT!
Thank you for all your support! we’re nothing without all of your support!
Linda love you so much! :D

104 commenti
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edwincybernet 6 mag, ore 6:01 
gimana donwloadnya
MOVZX 30 apr, ore 19:19 
Come release...!!!
|FRoST| 20 apr, ore 21:45 
john gohan 22 gen, ore 6:30 
good demo version now need to wait for a full version of the game
Kwazymofo 17 gen, ore 4:15 
I Can't wait to play this game! It takes me back to when I played fatal frame on the ps2.
Datuak Garang | 大きな牛 20 ott 2013, ore 22:24 
Waiting This Game :D
ferretswithguns 9 ott 2013, ore 18:38 
so who's here cause they saw matt and pat piss themselves playing this
JackJack Warrior 29 set 2013, ore 5:47 
DreadOut was better than other horror games
死神の大鎌 23 set 2013, ore 17:15 
Oh yeah, I "wander," too, dippy. Why do you need a qustion mark for a statement?
Ray The Wolf Games 22 set 2013, ore 14:33 
i wander how much money it will be?