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We'll be attending Casual Connect on Singapore, on 21-23 and 25th May on Game Dev Gathering Jakarta, Indonesia
2013. május 17. - Digital Happiness

We are invited to give a speech on Indie postmortem on Casual connect[asia.casualconnect.org] event on Singapore, 21-23 May 2013 and also on Game dev Gathering[gamedevgathering.com] on Jakarta, 25th May 2013
if you guys nearby that area, come to meet Linda there ^_^


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8 megjegyzés
Scape 2013. máj. 20., 2:04 
Lindaaaaa give me the D :P
rebelholic 2013. máj. 18., 23:54 
You should invite Valve on this event
BlurredBorders 2013. máj. 18., 7:56 
Nobody loves me, either ´ Д`
OFFka 2013. máj. 17., 6:56 
Digital Happiness 2013. máj. 17., 5:58 
you don't love me! you don't care about me..lol
StayGan 2013. máj. 17., 5:10 
fuuuu... why 25th May!! i'll be go to jakarta next Juni. dammit. Lindaaa forgive me.......
Digital Happiness 2013. máj. 17., 3:27 
thanks chaz sure we will keep you guys update :)
Chaz 2013. máj. 17., 3:06 
Awesome! I hope you have a good time, if taking video's be sure to post something later for your YouTube or/and Facebook fans.