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We'll be attending Casual Connect on Singapore, on 21-23 and 25th May on Game Dev Gathering Jakarta, Indonesia
17. toukokuu, 2013 - Digital Happiness

We are invited to give a speech on Indie postmortem on Casual connect[asia.casualconnect.org] event on Singapore, 21-23 May 2013 and also on Game dev Gathering[gamedevgathering.com] on Jakarta, 25th May 2013
if you guys nearby that area, come to meet Linda there ^_^


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8 kommenttia
Scape 20. touko, 2013 2.04 
Lindaaaaa give me the D :P
rebelholic 18. touko, 2013 23.54 
You should invite Valve on this event
BlurredBorders 18. touko, 2013 7.56 
Nobody loves me, either ´ Д`
OFFka 17. touko, 2013 6.56 
Digital Happiness 17. touko, 2013 5.58 
you don't love me! you don't care about me..lol
StayGan 17. touko, 2013 5.10 
fuuuu... why 25th May!! i'll be go to jakarta next Juni. dammit. Lindaaa forgive me.......
Digital Happiness 17. touko, 2013 3.27 
thanks chaz sure we will keep you guys update :)
Chaz 17. touko, 2013 3.06 
Awesome! I hope you have a good time, if taking video's be sure to post something later for your YouTube or/and Facebook fans.