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...This is it
2013. május 16. - Digital Happiness

Okay guys, this is it.

Our campaign is nearing it's end, and we're about 22% short of our initial target. We need every bit of your help. The next few days will be the last chance to put your name on our credit title :)

Although we are on flexible funding, we put our heart and soul to achieve our campaign goal, because, we believe, the success of this crowdfunding campaign will play an important factor in getting through steam's greenlight program.

We value your support and contributions very highly. And as we've said before, even if the campaign fell short, you can be sure that our team will do whatever it takes to complete the development of DreadOut.
Hopefully, we'll accomplish returning the favor, when you guys are in the middle of playing the full release and screaming ! :p

DreadOut Development Team

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12 megjegyzés
Expendable Sith 2013. máj. 16. @ du. 6:26 
I'm going to try the demo tonight, and if it runs well on my machine you'll have my pledge! Keep up the awesome work, folks!
Raiden_chino 2013. máj. 16. @ du. 5:51 
Considering you are very close to being aproved in Greenlight, will you give Steam keys to the ones that supported your game in indiegogo?
「ĸeyвlade мaѕтer aqυa」 2013. máj. 16. @ du. 5:08 
@Toff, Noitroman: Kickstarter are not available in Indonesia Sadly
Bälrod 2013. máj. 16. @ du. 4:42 
+1 to kickstarter
Nitro 2013. máj. 16. @ du. 4:31 
Yeah you should used Kickstarter .
Toff 2013. máj. 16. @ du. 3:55 
I think you should've picked Kickstarter instead of Indie GoGo, not many people know about this crowdfunding service and thus your campaign didn't get enough publicity. :( I'll do my best to advertise you wherever I can during these last hours though!
StayGan 2013. máj. 16. @ de. 10:45 
i think teddy says "i'll kill you if we don't get greenlight". Lol!
「ĸeyвlade мaѕтer aqυa」 2013. máj. 16. @ de. 7:46 
Lol that creeps me out
Ivan Seismonov 2013. máj. 16. @ de. 5:03 
I'll be waiting...
And no, I won't screaming, I'll yell "TASTE THIS FLASHES MUTHAFUKA!"
shit 2013. máj. 16. @ de. 3:38