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THANK YOU for Bringing DreadOut closer to Italian and Polish gamers
1 de Maio de 2013 - Digital Happiness

With the help from our wonderful friends Vito Dipinto[dipintovito.com] and BDIP[www.en.localizations.bartledooinpolish.com] DreadOut will be available in ; Italian and Polish. THANK YOU for the support!
Do check out their websites guys!

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Claurospa 7 Mai às 8:54 
Thank you so much guys! =D, i can't wait to be able to play with subtitles in Italian! =D
Ne. Opened Yt Channel 15 Mai, 2013 às 4:54 
Don't worry! if you want. i can translate to italian :)
Digital Happiness 14 Mai, 2013 às 13:54 
Thank you for your correction! my bad :p
Ne. Opened Yt Channel 14 Mai, 2013 às 13:37 
But.. Gracie is not italian, is spanish, Thanks in italian is: Grazie.
saint_klaus [Army, Армия] 14 Mai, 2013 às 5:27 
If you're interested, I can translate text to russian as well.
Darkus 10 Mai, 2013 às 19:26 
I can help translate the subs to Brazilian Portuguese. Add me.
MystalurDimensh 9 Mai, 2013 às 17:10 
Wow! This is amazing! I'm sooooo excited about this game, yet it'll be released in my native language. How great is that!? Not that I need a localized game, but it surely will be a great benefit for other players. Keep up the good work!
SteVic82 5 Mai, 2013 às 15:48 
thanks to Vito for his job, It's an additional bonus to have our language in the game :D
Dallas 3 Mai, 2013 às 5:32 
i could help with lithuanian subtitles
Dallas 2 Mai, 2013 às 5:27 
man i would love to see lithuanian subtitles