Dit spel is nu beschikbaar op Steam!

Bedankt voor je hulp bij het selecteren van dit spel voor distributie via Steam. Meer informatie, waaronder een link naar de Steam-winkelpagina, kan hier onder gevonden worden.

[update] DreadOut on Indiegogo campaign and Newest Video Montage :)
14 april 2013 - Digital Happiness

we have update some of our rewards and perks, kindly to check them out :)

Wish us luck :)

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7 opmerkingen
Digital Happiness 2 mei 2013 om 4:21nm 
Email sent
Chaz 2 mei 2013 om 3:39nm 
Please email me the individual price of the figure. I really like to buy one, we can talk privately in email.
Lord Reginald Fortesque 19 apr 2013 om 2:31nm 
Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.
Good luck!
❤ Zone-tan ❤ 15 apr 2013 om 6:11nm 
Lovely rewards!
Chaz 15 apr 2013 om 2:35vm 
I'm impressed. Thank you.
Celebrimnar 15 apr 2013 om 12:52vm 
Yeah very nice, I hope this game gets the greenlit this 17
Germaximus 15 apr 2013 om 12:43vm 
that is pretty cool stuff!