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[update] DreadOut on Indiegogo campaign and New Video Montage :)
29 март 2013 - Digital Happiness

Wish us luck :) we're on indiegogo campaign right now..please kindly to check them out


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Digital Happiness 4 април 2013 в 9:31 следобед 
yeah we really want to do that but the cost of producing physical dvd it's expensive enough, and also shipping cost is really expansive (30-50$ from indonesia to america.. let say), so we try to allocate that budget focusing for internal development cost first
slashgear29 4 април 2013 в 7:39 следобед 
it'd be great if you guys make some physical copies for contributor above $50, just my 2 cents, good luck with the project
Mike 4 април 2013 в 6:49 сутринта 
Loved the demo, can't wait for the full game.
Shitbox 3 април 2013 в 1:25 следобед 
Loved the demo and I wish I could contribute more than I did. I really hope this gets published. Do you guys have a rough estimate on when the full version will be finished/released?
Digital Happiness 3 април 2013 в 12:35 следобед 
Guys we're now supporting paypal on our indiegogo campaign, just sayin :D
nilwafa 2 април 2013 в 2:58 сутринта 
Been excited for this game since the first time I saw Juriq Escape until now... Seen the developed version at JGS 2012 and Talked to the developer themselves, giving suggestion and stuff so excited!! also nice "Seatbelt Effect"
Rei dos Vermes 1 април 2013 в 3:31 следобед 
The game looks very promising. It's nice to see a well made third person horror game for a change. Most are first person nowadays.
Digital Happiness 1 април 2013 в 7:22 сутринта 
thank you for all your supportive comment :) we're doing our best to make thishappen
RemixIt 1 април 2013 в 7:03 сутринта 
Nice..!! Semoga jadi game pertama dari indonesia yg masuk Steam..!!
Dredd 31 март 2013 в 8:26 следобед 
I wish you the best of luck guys. Will be checking out the demo now!