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Portal Remake Mod
Answers to frequently asked questions:
17 dicembre 2012 - CLagaris

How many new levels? 28.
What Characters will you play as? Chell, Rattman, and a Male test subject that is "found."
What are some new tools? Multiple things such as Wrenches, and Wirecutters.
Copyright? It said in the rules that if I use the Source Engine for the mod, it can be worked around.
Free to play? This is a free-mod.
New Voice Acting? Yes. Samples will be uploaded soon.
Fully changed design? Not fully.
If you have any problem please feel free to comment, but these are the answers to most basic questions.
Why not only the Portal Gun? The Chell storyline only has a Portal Gun. The Rattman chapter has the crowbar and other tools, because he didn't have a Portal Gun in the comic. So I couldn't have one in the storyline either. The Male Test subject found by Wheatley, he has a One-Fire Portal Gun.

Please note, a second time, this will be released as a FREE GAME.
We're not just trying to make profit, this has been worked on for well over a year and isn't just a "paint job"

Also it says this in the terms:
"My game is a mod – can I still submit it to Steam Greenlight?

Yes, you can submit your mod to Steam Greenlight, but in order to be launched on Steam you will need to have a full engine license in place for your game. If you are a Source engine mod, we can work with you on this piece, but for other engines you will need to work with them directly."

This is a Source Engine Mod.

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Ramo'sBored 26 gen 2014, ore 17:38 
rattmann did have a portal gun in between portal 1 and 2, because it is in the giant shrine thing when you findit in portal 2. secondly if you look really closly in one flashback moment in the comic, you see a gravity gun on a workbench, so a gravity gun in this game wouldnt be out of the qustion.
also, you need to put alot of effort into the rattmann parts, i dont know about everyone else, but ive been waiting to see rattmann ever scince i found the first lair in portal 1
RobBunneh 20 ott 2013, ore 12:37 
you should have included Portal: Prelude
J J Frunkington 7 lug 2013, ore 8:50 
Can there be some easter eggs? Like maybe seeing other Characters? Like in the Rattmann Story, You can see Chell or "Found", and vise versa? Any ways, putting weapons into a game where there is none (If you think the Portal gun is a weapon, it's not, just looks like one.)
AHProxy 13 apr 2013, ore 9:30 
will the boss battle from the original portal and if so, what will it look like? im just curious XD
Wommunist 12 apr 2013, ore 3:37 
Release a demo! :D
Jorge Washington 13 gen 2013, ore 16:19 
please have this come out i need more portal
Slend[HEOR] 20 dic 2012, ore 14:35 
well its cool to play as him maybe?
CLagaris 20 dic 2012, ore 14:06 
@Lisanal, yes.
Slend[HEOR] 20 dic 2012, ore 13:13 
play as ratman?
Anio 20 dic 2012, ore 10:38