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Under Cover
December 29, 2012 - Nexust

In a very unfortunate twist of fate, we discovered a bug that may be woven so deep into the code that it may never be fixed... the bug would make the game near unplayable.
The beginning of each new level (includes re-spawning) will distort the lighting. Due to there only being a few levels previously, we didn't notice but now, as more levels are being added into the game, the bug has been found.
This may simply be an issue with my PC (oh, I do hope so) so further testing will be needed but I fear the worst. I'll keep you updated.

December 26, 2012 - Nexust

It goes without saying that Akkail was given time off for the holiday season but, as usual, I stayed unhealthily active, only taking Christmas off. I planned to return to work straight after Christmas but I fell victim to a virus that has been floating around my house for the past two weeks. I shall return to work as soon as I can stand up.
Happy holidays to all!

December 22, 2012 - Nexust

I'm sure many of the developers and potential players of the game will initially hate this decision. We are making the grappling hook harder to use. Now players must hover their cursor over a wall to throw their rope at it whereas before, you could click anywhere and the rope would be thrown to the nearest wall in that direction.
So why are we doing this? Well, we found, whilst testing the game, that the levels were too easy with the grappling hook. We found ourselves standing in one position and clicking our way around the levels which is not what we wanted. With this limit in place, you must be able to see and click on the point you wish to grapple to.
We understand that it was fun to be able to zoom around the game like Spider-man but that's just the thing... this isn't a Spider-man game. We will be keeping the old code in the game and it will be usable through console codes.

December 19, 2012 - Nexust

Since the game's main character has glowing eyes (or at least, that was the original concept) we have decided to go with the original idea of making the player emit light instead of trying to be fancy with our shadows since that has been the source of the worst bug in the game so far (the player's shadow would often lag behind if you moved too quickly.)
Also! We plan to offer demo soon that will allow you to give better feedback based on your own experience rather than screenshots and videos from the development team.

Thanks for you votes so far!

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