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Legends of Eisenwald
8 Mayıs 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

Shortly after our recent announcement of French beta, now there is this video preview of Legends of Eisenwald (in French). It was live on twitch.tv and we were answering some questions in chat there along the way (in English). That was fun for everyone involved. The reviewer's hero (he played with Baroness) died after almost 1h30min of playing. Well, with the saved game now he can continue later and avoid attacking that particular enemy :)

7 Mayıs 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

For our German players, (or those willing to put up with Google translation), check the latest preview of our beta[www.pcgameshardware.de]. Thilo Bayer, Chief Editor of this magazine, has been our long time supporter since the Kickstarter and he provides his view on things he likes in the game and things we need to impove upon according to him.

1 Mayıs 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

We released a new patch 0.85 that effectively concludes the first stage of our beta testing. We included in this patch a lot of new smaller features and fixes. Here is the list of what has been done:

  • French translation added;
  • Quest journal significantly expanded - quests are marked on the mini map and tabs for all, completed and not completed quests are shown correctly;

  • Personal items are displayed in the info window of a character;
  • Added calculations of payment for mercenaries and units without castle support;
  • The cost of hiring depends on the relationship to buildings owners;
  • Skills are displayed in the info window of a character;
  • Added icons of a character’s hiring status (mercenary units, followers, regular units with castle support have no icons).

    For more details on what has been fixed and changed, please look at this post here[aterdux.com].

    This patch is available through Desura. Please note that old save files won’t work in this new version. So, if you don’t want to start from the beginning, first you can finish your game and then update your version of the game. DRM-free version should be ready within a few days, those of you who requested it in the past, will receive an email with the new link.

    Stay tuned for our next major patch. It will take us now some time to do it, but new and cool features will be in it. And we are looking forward to hear your feedback and impressions.

    Steam Greenlight Status

    At the time of the writing we are in place #8 and we might continue losing our position since we are getting few votes per day recently and there are quite a few new projects that receive a lot of votes. We are talking to some sites and we hope that new articles could change this situation a bit.

    Thank you all for your votes and your support!
    All of us at Aterdux

9 Nisan 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

We just posted a big update on our Kickstarter page

There we will tell you many things, including those that seem good and others that don’t seem so good, but are actually for the best.

We will have to delay the release of our game until September. Experimenting with gameplay and applying all polish, taking care of UI things – all this is taking us much longer than we thought it would. Taking longer will benefit our game and make it better overall, even though delay is not something we are really happy about. We will talk more about it below.

Also, we are fortunate to have found a new executive producer (yes, the $9555 sword reward has found its owner!) and this is good since our Kickstarter funds are pretty much spent, with exception of the amount reserved to fulfill physical rewards. This gives us a guarantee that we can bring our project to completion and ensure that we can release our game in good quality. Read further to learn the details

18 Mart 2013 - Alexander (Aterdux)

We would like to share with you a nice and detailed Legends of Eisenwald preview[www.oneguytoomanygames.com]. Not only it describes our game really well, it provides us a lot of very vauable feedback for what we are very grateful.

Thank you Rob!

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