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Mortal Online: The Awakening
2013. február 4. - Paratus

Mortal Online is always expanding with new features and fixes. Below are some of the changes implemented in the past couple of weeks alone!

The Grey Halls have opened
With the generousity of our awesome community, the Grey Halls has arrived!

Log into Mortal Online and explore a vast new experience with new monsters, items and weapons. The new demon foes you will face have all new powerful abilities, some of which you may obtain yourself in the future. Unlock the still-undiscovered secrets of demonology and the Grey Halls.

Crafted weapon rebalancing
With our recent changes to weapons crafted by players, millions more weapon combinations have become much more viable in combat. When crafting in Mortal Online you create your own recipes with nearly limitless possibilities.

In addition to weapon changes, shields have received a major upgrade.

Mounts and breeding
Our latest donation goal has been met, and development is well underway!

Players will soon see the return of the Molva beast mount as well as a new mount type, breeding, lances and more.

All mounts in Mortal Online first exist in the world before being tamed, and each carries a unique set of genetic characteristics making every mount different and truely unique. With the introduction of breeding, players will take this further by breeding specific traits and creating their idea of the perfect specimen over time.

For more information, click here[www.mortalonline.com].

Huge fishing update
The fishing profession has received a big update! Many new fish types have been introduced, with characteristics, making the profession much more profitable.

The fish have also become more viable when used in cooking and alchemy. They hold a variety of different attributes, giving plenty of variations with which to experiment.

There's a lot to talk about, but this is the usual pace of development for Mortal Online; we're adding and tweaking all the time.

2012. december 11. - Paratus

Due to very generous community donations, a great new event is about to take hold of Nave. After meeting a community donation milestone, the Grey Halls are soon to open.

It was a day like any other. My people, a nomadic tribe, travelling in a caravan from village to village, looking to sell all the goods that we had gathered this past season. We made this journey two to three times a year. This was one to remember.

Through our travels, we’ve encountered bandits and thieves alike. I recall as a child, the group of circus entertainers that we ran into. What an interesting bunch they were….. Minotaur’s who juggled baby Sators. What was that all about? Anyhow, I digress! This one evening, we crossed paths with a man who, to me, seemed a bit off. Rambling nonsense as we approached him. The elders of my tribe, always cautious of who we cross, felt sorry for the man. They offered to give him food and a place to rest and food for the night.

That evening, like any other, was a fun night of drinking and dancing. We settled the night near an area we normally cross to gather some fresh horses for the road ahead. There were those of us, who were more interested in learning of the man and his store. We often sat around a campfire and told stories of our adventures, new and old. This night we listened. The man, some of what he spoke, was ramblings. What made sense, what was somewhat imaginative was stories of what he called “The Grey Halls”.

The Grey Halls, he said. A realm parallel to our own is as much linked to our realm as the ether world is. He went on to describe it as a realm of great mysterious power. How one who possess such power would control Nave.

And so it was, that with just a blink of an eye, he waved his arms and a flash of light over took us. As I came too, the man stood over us speaking in a tongue unfamiliar to me. As fast as he spoke, those words, came forth the portals. They came, the horror…
They were Demonic in nature! These Daemons, they spawned through the gate in the dozens. My people, sacrificed to these horrific creatures. The screams….. The maddening cries….

This man was mad. A mage had learned a school of magic that was unheard of… Power driven to control Nave, he opened a gate used by these creatures to travel thru other realms, and he let them through!

Word of this transgression spread, the Emperors eyes and ears are everywhere. Quickly, word got to the Emperor. And with no delay, he had his best men knowledgeable in the arts of the arcane; delve into the books of old.

What they learned was of an old school of magic believed to have been lost. It is used to access the Grey Halls, a dimension used by Daemons to travel to other realms. The emperor seeing the dangers that lay ahead, called upon his people.

“Go now, my people”, he said. Seek out any knowledge that may help in controlling these gates. Collect any relics that may help bring forth additional knowledge of the lost magic. Anything you bring to the Tindremic Empire will bring much deserved reward!

But beware! My scouts have reported that the Khurites have also been made aware of the portals and the power it can possess in their hands. They may also offer a reward for the knowledge.

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