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Mortal Online: The Awakening
Status update from Henrik Nyström and Star Vault
27 de Junho de 2013 - Paratus

Mortal Online has been progressing extremely well as of late and we're approaching some very exciting times.

A significant patch was released today fixing many bugs, improving overall graphics and lighting, as well as adding some cool new features such as enhancement.

Earlier today we've made some changes to our server software and, as a result, we are now able to handle large scale gatherings and battles of more than double the size of those previously without any server lag getting in the way. At this point, the server should never be a major factor in large scale battles.

We wanted to take this time to share with you another update on our new character and armor art. We're getting very near its release now; below you'll find a few screenshots of various materials to show off just how different each material you craft with can look.

Various armor types and materials

Scars are incredibly detailed

Ohgmium, cronite and steel

Dense crepite and crepite

We can now add patterns to armor

Such patterns will appear on enchanted equipment

19 comentários
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Paratus 19 Jan às 8:14 
It's already released, just not on steam. Check www.mortalonline.com.
{SoB} HeartlessSin 15 Jan às 14:04 
when will this be released? i'd love to get into and playing this awesomness of a game
TheLaw 26 Nov, 2013 às 23:49 
will it release before 2014
zackdugas 26 Out, 2013 às 17:42 
glad to see your still keeping the realistic look and feel of the armor also is that half plate i see?
Paratus 26 Out, 2013 às 8:27 
We can't give an exact date, but it's getting very close!
Siegbert 26 Out, 2013 às 6:34 
neat. When is it going live?
Leokan - Illusion 9 Out, 2013 às 18:37 
I just love this game!
zackdugas 22 Ago, 2013 às 19:58 
lol they know how to draw me back in lol
Kythar 8 Ago, 2013 às 1:21 
Guess ill have to start playing again.
JustinPheonix 28 Jul, 2013 às 21:40 
looking cool