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Band of Drones
2014. szeptember 18. - Kiritsu Games

Head over to http://www.desura.com/games/band-of-drones to buy the full version at a special launch price of $7.99 (save 25%).

Please try the demo before buying (http://bandofdrones.com/files/BandOfDronesDemo.exe)

Give us your feedback so the game can be improved. Have fun!

2014. augusztus 28. - Kiritsu Games

Just uploaded a bunch of new screenshots and released a new version of the demo (mostly bug fixes and internal stuff).

An alpha is going to be released in the next few days over Desura, stay tunned!

2014. június 5. - Kiritsu Games


A new demo version was released today, you can grab it at the same place:

http://bandofdrones.com/files/BandOfDronesDemo.exe (60Mb)

- Added option to select difficulty per mission
- New menu and bridge backgrounds
- UI improvements

So you can now select the difficulty which should make it more balanced for your play style.


2014. május 27. - Kiritsu Games

Here it is at last - the first playable demo of Band of Drones! Grab it for PC here:


You get two missions from the 'garden' level. It's likely to be full of bugs and unbalanced gameplay, but with your help this will be an awesome game.
Feel free to post suggestions/bugs/whatever in the Discussions here.

Thanks for the votes and support so far!

2014. április 18. - Kiritsu Games

Just a quick update to let you know that this project is progressing, please keep checking it out.
Thanks for the support so far. Cheers!

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