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April 20, 2013 - WannyD

Hello everybody! Thank you to all the people that said yes, we can not thank you enough and it means a lot! So an update on the progress on the game. Unfortunately we have lost the coder and a graphical artist so therefore not (As we intended) could put out a kickstarter page to if you like.. kickstart us into making this game, however its not all bad news. We have been ever since the start being thinking of new features and aspects of the game! So thank you all again for the overwhelming support and we shall continue looking for help to make this game!


February 14, 2013 - WannyD

Well it has been a week. Kind of, and the voted have been counted, by the internet, and well it was a tie.... Between Game Developer and Indieveloper.... Of course it had to awkward like that so we have decided.. Drum roll please.. Indieveloper will be the name of our game!!! Just because we prefer that one out of the two, so thanks to everyone for voting.


February 4, 2013 - WannyD

Now it's your chance to vote which name you want for this game!!

Use this:

and in around a week the name will be chosen!!


February 3, 2013 - WannyD

We want your help thinking of a new name for this game, we came to a thought that the name could/should be changed, after alot of thinking.. we couldnt actually think of much. But then we thought why not ask you. So please if you have an idea it would be greatly appreciated if you post it in the comments.


February 1, 2013 - WannyD

I would like to thank everybody for the overwhelming support, i was very shocked at the response we got as this was just a simple idea i was thinking of. Since the start we have been looking for a coder and are glad to say we have found one and are currently are finalising some details with him, he is extremely passionate about building this game and are glad to have him on board. So what have we been doing ? Well we have been designing the games functions, and using the ideas that you, the community has given us and making sure the whole game will fit. Although this is still in a design stage and have a long road ahead of us. We do have a short term goal though, in the near future we want to post a Kick starter to get some initial funding, we decided that we don’t want to rush this and want to create a good quality game we hope you understand, although we cant wait until we can, we also cant wait for you to be able to play it.
So we will keep posting updates while we can.
See you soon,
Thanks on behalf of all the team.

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