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Forsaken Fortress
December 10, 2012 - Photon Productions

Basic Features

1)You can take up to 9 people on an expedition. You can divide them into three squads(green, blue and red)
2)You control your own "hero" and issue general orders(GO TO, FOLLOW, COVERING FIRE....) to your squads.
3)The AI will intelligently act based on your orders. They will try to take cover when under fire or try to revive unconscious comrades, etc.
4)Your squad member's morale and personality will also influence their action. If a character is a coward, he or she may just flee if the situation has gone wrong.

To Be Discussed
1)Reinforcement from the base?
2)Artillery support from the base? (Mark the target and call in some hot rocks!)

December 7, 2012 - Photon Productions

Hey guys!

We want to talk more about the characters.

Characters in FF have attributes, skills, traits, needs, interests and goals.

Attributes: Strength(max carry weight, melee damage), Intelligence(learning capability, persuasion...) and constitution(health, speed, wellness...).
Skills: Marksmanship, melee, medic, mechanics, logistics(cooking, cleaning...), research(new weapons, facilities...), manufacture(ammo, food...) and leadership.
Traits: Calm - Aggressive, Kind - Cruel, Sociable - Isolated, Adventurous - Cautious, Quiet - Talkative, Active - Lazy, Friendly - Aloof, Optimistic - Pessimistic, Loyal - Disloyal, Brave - Cowardly, Emotional - Rational.
Needs: Food, water, sleep, security, social, entertainment, relationship and accomplishment.
Interests: Playing guitar, hunting, cooking, collecting, fighting......
Goals: Each character has his/her own goals and it will influence his or her overall behavior(This part is still to be discussed)

There are dozens of recruit-able characters in the FF world. You may or may not find them and they may find you first. If they think you are a good leader, they may join you. They may turn into enemies if you treated them improperly.

Basic attributes can be fortified: You can increase their strength by weight training or simply let them carry a lot of stuff....

Skills can be improved: You can increase their melee skill by martial art training....

Traits can be manipulated: A character may turn from cowardly to brave if he has participated in too many bloody combats.

Interests and needs can be fulfilled: If you let a character do what she likes to do, she will be happy. And you need to make sure your base has sufficient supplies to satisfy their basic needs such as food.

Relationship: Characters in FF will try to build relationship with each other. They can be friends, enemies and lovers...A character will have his or her own set of preferences(Ellie likes tough guy, and Jim likes nerdy girl....)

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