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20 gennaio 2013 - Intravenous Software

Here you can find some playtests of Neon.

Edit: These were made early 2013 (pre-alpha) and are already looking dated compared to the current build of the game. Nevertheless they may still be of interest to some until there is time to update the videos. Hopefully there will be time to put together a new video before the end of April.

The tests so far
The oldest video (the first one made) starts out with a talk through of most of the systems in Neon so I suggest you check that one out first.

Playtest 2 was one was more of a random playtest of the F2 - Fighter and the M1 - Missile Fighter. Unfortunately this video is no longer available.

Finally, the latest test, was a fast paced gameplay test to test out changes to the speed the player can unlock new ships, weapons and upgrades. We start at level 1 and reach level 4.5 by the end. Much has already changed based on these tests.

Why are we doing these
The primary reason for doing these is not to have a live stream audience but as a fan service to get some nice long gameplay videos out there (even though things are still rough around the edges). Trying to capture such long sessions and upload them to YouTube would be a nightmare. With Twitch the video is automatically there 10 minutes after the stream is finished, and better yet you get to ask questions in the chat while I'm playing.

19 gennaio 2013 - Intravenous Software

Neon's development is continuing at a fast pace, and there is no better place to see this and keep up to date with what is going on than checking out the Developer Diary. It can be found just above the comments section on the main page.

It's not for those that like TLDR's: The developer diaries are very detailed discussing every aspect of the development process and every new feature added to the game.

Today the longest diary entry to date was added. It had to be split up into three parts because so much has happened during the last week.

If you took the time to go and read through the Diary please take an extra moment to leave a comment here to say so. I do find it strangely cathartic to write them, and I feel it's important to keep fans of the game up to date on what is happening, but if only a couple of people are reading them then I will spend a little less time on them and summarise things more.

Thanks for your continued interest in Neon. The alpha build is getting really close to being ready now. We are still on target for starting alpha testing in February even if it will likely be closer to the end of February than the start.


16 dicembre 2012 - Intravenous Software

Due to the large number of replies to this announcement's original call for feedback it will be left open but this original post will change to reflect what feedback is most needed at any time.

Thank you all so much for the great ideas and feedback on the colour scheme tech. The initial results of this work have now been uploaded as eleven new screenshots. What do you think?

Everyone had different tastes as to which colour scheme they liked and disliked so now the player has the option to choose whatever colours they like. I'm sure more will be added in time but this is enough to add some variety to Neon's look. The default colour scheme from the trailer video is obviously still available.

Players can also invert all the ship colours. If you prefer the meaner looking black ships from the initial trailer that is one option, or they can be inverted at any time to stand out from the background more.

Unlike the trailer video, both the environment and the all ships now change colour to reflect their hostility towards the player. Friendly areas have generally lighter colour tones, while enemy areas always have some darker more brooding red colour scheme.

Feel free to leave any ideas and feedback in reply to this thread. Your ideas are always welcome no matter how 'out there' they might be.

Oh, and do you like the updated cockpit? It's not the final design but it got a much needed upgrade to it's model.

15 dicembre 2012 - Intravenous Software

After a very busy couple of weeks the user interface overhaul is ready to be shown.

Ten new screenshots have been added to give a much better idea where Neon is headed and the type of deep customisation that is available on all the ships. The older screenshots of the placeholder interface have been removed.

If you are interested in knowing more about what work is currently being done to finalise the alpha build you can read all the details in the 'Developer Diary' discussion that can be found just above the comments section.

Still to do
The interface is still far from final. This is simply another iteration on the overall design to bring things closer to where they need to be.

The miscellaneous upgrades still need modelling, along with the missile upgrades, but all the core upgrades have been done. That covers about 85% of all currently available upgrades and will probably be enough for the alpha build.

The weapon interface will in time be brought into line with the new upgrade and hull interface windows but it is sufficient for now.

The 'Docking Port Services' screen will also be replaced with icons for each service but again this is not a crucial update and will happen once more important game systems are completed.


The current interface design, give or take a few tweaks, should be enough for the alpha build. It's time to work on other elements of the game to complete the alpha build that should hopefully be ready by the end of February.

The Developer Diary section will be updated weekly (usually on Friday) with further news on Neon's development.

1 dicembre 2012 - Intravenous Software

Core Upgrade Slots
Every ship in the game has 6 core upgrade slots:

Energy Storage (Reactor)
Energy Regeneration
Shield Regeneration
Engine Boosters

There are 80 different levels for each of the above upgrades in the game.
Level 1 Reactor gives 150 energy storage.
Level 80 Reactor gives 9.5million energy storage!

You also have a single missile upgrade slot that determines the currently used missiles.

Miscellaneous Upgrade Slots
Most ships have at least one Miscellaneous slot. Higher level ships have up to eight.

Miscellaneous slots take Miscellaneous upgrades. These can boost your core systems (listed above), increase individual weapon damage, increase all weapon damage, or add extra features to the ship. You must choose which Misc upgrades to install in those slots and so you can configure your ship however you want.

Overclocking Your Upgrade Slots
Every upgrade slot can also be overclocked to increase the power of any upgrade installed in it. You buy overclocking at garages and it's expensive.

Balancing Your Upgrades
All upgrades have a mass and an energy requirement. Mass slows down the ship and if you run out of energy everything stops working until it recharges.

This system means that setting up your ship is a balancing act. Pack it full of high level shield upgrades, and miscellaneous shield boosters and it's going to be slow and suck up lots of energy. So then you need a bigger reactor and energy storage unit. This adds more weight and slows the ship down. So you put a bigger engine in it but that uses more energy. You get the idea. Finding the perfect balance is a very big part of the gameplay. However, if all your installed upgrades are of the same tech level then your ship will be balanced and will work well in most circumstances.

Collecting Upgrades
When you kill a ship it explodes dropping a fragment from every upgrade and weapon it has installed. (These fragments are the coloured balls you see exploding out of ships killed in the video) They also drop fragments of the ship hull blueprint they are using. You collect these. Collect 100% of one upgrade, weapon or hull and it becomes available for you to use. These will increase your ship's tech level. Weapon damage is directly proportional to the average tech level of your installed upgrades.

Average Tech Level vs Damage
All the weapons are balanced. They all have a use in different situations and will increase in power automatically as you increase the tech level of your installed upgrades.

Buying Upgrades
You can also dock at Upgrade Shops, Dealerships, and Armories to purchase new upgrades outright or to complete any that you have already collected fragments from.

Balanced Ships
The 33 ships in the game are also balanced allowing them all to be useful throughout the entire game. The F1 Fighter seen being flown by the player in the video unlocks at level one, but in the video it's upgrades have an average tech level of 23.83. So it does 23.83 times more damage than it would at level 1. In the video we are fighting enemies ranging from about level 15-25. If an enemy has an average tech level that is three or more levels lower than us, it is nearly harmless. However if it is three levels higher, it requires incredible skill to take down.

I hope that helps to highlight the very deep upgrade mechanic behind the game. Neon is much more than just combat.

Thanks for taking the time to read more about Neon.

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