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Alpha Testing Registration Re-Opened
June 17, 2013 - Intravenous Software

For those that missed out on that last batch of alpha testing you may be pleased to know that our doors are open again. If you are interested in joining the alpha test then now is your chance.

The current alpha build is very solid across PC/Mac/Linux thanks to all the time our existing alpha testers spent playing the game and reporting issues. The latest build (which has been out for a few weeks) has only had a single minor bug reported.

We are extending the number of alpha testers now for two reasons. Firstly, we would like to get further feedback on the existing 10-15 hours of gameplay. Secondly, we are hard at work on a new build that will add a ton of new content (new weapons, new gadgets, new upgrades, new features) along with extending the game by another 10 tech levels. The first version of this new build is due in a couple of weeks and we would like a larger number of testers ready for this.

If you would like to get involved in the testing, and you have the time to write up your feedback and bug reports on our forums, then hit up the following link for info on how to apply: