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New Interface Overhaul. Screenshots Added
December 15, 2012 - Paul

After a very busy couple of weeks the user interface overhaul is ready to be shown.

Ten new screenshots have been added to give a much better idea where Neon is headed and the type of deep customisation that is available on all the ships. The older screenshots of the placeholder interface have been removed.

If you are interested in knowing more about what work is currently being done to finalise the alpha build you can read all the details in the 'Developer Diary' discussion that can be found just above the comments section.

Still to do
The interface is still far from final. This is simply another iteration on the overall design to bring things closer to where they need to be.

The miscellaneous upgrades still need modelling, along with the missile upgrades, but all the core upgrades have been done. That covers about 85% of all currently available upgrades and will probably be enough for the alpha build.

The weapon interface will in time be brought into line with the new upgrade and hull interface windows but it is sufficient for now.

The 'Docking Port Services' screen will also be replaced with icons for each service but again this is not a crucial update and will happen once more important game systems are completed.


The current interface design, give or take a few tweaks, should be enough for the alpha build. It's time to work on other elements of the game to complete the alpha build that should hopefully be ready by the end of February.

The Developer Diary section will be updated weekly (usually on Friday) with further news on Neon's development.