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May 12, 2013 - Дон Ублюдон

A full version is purchased once and for lifetime providing unlimited access to the entire features of the game, including clan wars, global war, economics, narrative campaign, accessible also from off-line, and tons of other features. Pre-order now[] and get instant testing access!

May 12, 2013 - Дон Ублюдон

Founders program is officially ended now! There are about 400 players who became our close friends. We call them Founders :)

Thank you! For your support, for your confidence. It's very important - to know that your project is interested not just for youself. We'll make the SeaCraft a great game, and hope that it will bring you a lot of positive emotions for many years!

March 15, 2013 - Дон Ублюдон

Greetings, dear friends! Today we will provide a detailed description of our damage model. It is so playfully to destroy enemy ships, isn't it?

Partition of a ship into separate modules lies in the damage model (hereafter referred to as DM), each of the modules has its own durability reserve, bears responsibility for particular functions of the ship and connects with other modules. Let us examine the pattern of the DM on an example of ready vessels - our favorite missile boat of the 205 project and the November submarine, which appeared, previously on the renders.

Different elements of the vessel possess different durability. For example, radar locators are vulnerable even for heavy machine guns. Thereat, the ship's elements are interrelated. Those radar locators cannot function if the mast has been broken and the missiles cannot be launched without FCS.

Apart from simulation of direct destruction of a ship in general or its parts, the DM has one more task - realization of submersion. Every ship is divided into some number of conventional sections, which begin to be filled with water after some amount of damage received.

The amount of these sections is limited by four for the project 205; larger ships may have significantly more sections. A simple scratch will not lead to submersion of a ship - the sections have special defense parameters based on the general damage level and damage from a particular hit. For example, the section A will begin to flood upon the receipt of 300 units of damage, thereat it should gain 20 damage at once to receive a hole. As soon as a leak appears, the water will pour into the section and the crew will start fixing it. The more water gets inside the ship, the larger lurch it will have to its damaged side. The lurch decreases significantly its controllability and combat effectiveness, for example makes aircrafts' takeoff from carriers more difficult.

There are many ways to damage an own or enemy ship, mainly powerful explosions. Let us examine the influence of the main types of shells, missiles and torpedoes on the DM. Not all of them will be available in the first beta versions of the game.

The first and the most common occurrence. A simple explosion.

In a second after taking this frame, the missile will hit into the area of one of the launchers and turn the ship into a flaming torch. As you can see, the explosion has the form of a sphere, losing power in a direction away from the epicenter. The epicenter (in this case) is a spherical core 7 meters in radius with the maximum power of explosion inside it. This is the main way to hit the enemy, massive undirected explosion, which damages the major part of even a large ship in varying degrees. The second occurrence is the directed explosion.

This is a more specific shaped-charge projectile; it will not be present on the first stage of beta testing. The explosion wave makes a specific pike (I cannot name this stream of death a needle, as it said in the professional literature), which pierces everything it meets into a huge depth and ignores almost all types of defense. In general, it is a very scary thing. It disperses upon drilling your ship, creating a cone with the major power along the central line. However, such ammo is very dependable from the place of entry. As you can see from the scheme, the cone had easily burned through both launchers and mauled the FCS and hull, but the majority of the systems remain intact and the ship is still battle-worthy.

Implementation of both realistic and resource-saving DM is one of the main tasks of our team. Many details of this system may be changed, and tests will show the particular figures for durability of sections and other elements of balance.

You watched "How does it works?" :) Stay in touch! We will discuss the long-expected submarines in the next publication, if nothing unexpected happens.

February 4, 2013 - Дон Ублюдон

I'd like to say few words about ingame interface. It's just a retrospective view to show how we work on SeaCraft.

In the end of 2011 it was dark and gothic:

First serious style change, 2012 summer:

More military:

Crysis influence:

At this time WGs changed their battleships to warships, we got a claim and, despite on that we used World of Warships name from May 2011 (but without public announces), we changed our name to SeaCraft only. Anyway, more metall and weight added:

Than we got GoW ideas:

So, that's the result of the end of autumn (the background was changet to 3D scene too). The style is practically approved, but it's not a final result and we preparing something new to alpha-tests. I promise it will be clear and cool :)

February 4, 2013 - Дон Ублюдон

Today we have an important topic on the agenda, such as interface. The interface is a player’s guide to the virtual world. Any game with inconvenient ugly interface will immediately turn into nightmare.

We announce the first version of our interface to you after numerous disputes, discussions and radical changes. It will be significantly improved in accordance with the results of the first stages of the closed beta testing. So this is not the final option (sorry for russian language)

  • Radar. Radar displays friendly and enemy ships, missiles, torpedoes, mines, helicopters, submarines and other objects discovered by the detecting systems and its crew (visually).
  • System of critical events indicators. The engine compartment has been completely flooded? There is no ammo? The fire control system is broken? A storm will wash away the crew from the deck? You will never forget your status with this system.
  • Scope. The scope is equipped with a spot ranger; it can determine the target’s nickname, and all your shells will fly here.
  • Ammo indicator. It shows the amount of different shells for the given weapon type.
    Indicator of the weapon selected. It show the selected weapon, amount of ammo and superheat degree.
  • Combat indicator. Timer, number of killed in different teams, additional icons depending on the combat mode (for example, amount of transport ships within the convoy).
  • Game chat.

This interface for above-water vessels is relevant for artillery duels, visual detection of the enemy, antisubmarine tasks… However it is completely useless for long range missile combats. This is why we have also created the Strike Interface. While offering its concept to you, our shamans integrate it in the project.

The Strike Interface represents the game map with specified radar ranges for our and allied ships (at pointing a mouse cursor on them), terrain, shallow water, detected enemy ships, missiles, submarines and helicopters as well as the efficient range of the selected weapon. This interface is used to launch cruise missiles, fire long-range artillery, torpedoes. The missiles can be launched at any place on the map (in this case they will search for targets automatically) or against a specific enemy using targeting from the ship’s systems or friendly vessels and helicopters.

You can always carry out efficient combat on any working distance of your vessel and remain aware of all main events within the battlefield, respond operatively on combat changes and participate comfortably in battles using all types of weapons from torpedoes and automatic canons to huge cruise missiles.

All mentioned components are timely for the upcoming beta-version and will be significantly modified in accordance with the results of the tests. The current interface is aimed on a general run-in test and does not seem to be polished and visually attractive.

This is all for today. We will be glad to hear your preliminary impressions. Stay with us and you will discover much interesting about the Seacraft project.

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