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[WIP] Ship Tossing
December 20, 2012 - Дон Ублюдон

In our debut trailer video you could see that ships have an unnatural behaviour on the waves (they are like a flying bricks). I'm agree, but it doesn't mean them will be like that in game.

I've got an "in development" video from the our SeaCraft's forge, it's still WIP, but you can see the difference:

This question is very important for us, because the ship's behavior plays significant role in battles, especially on stormy weather. SeaCraft is not a strategy with the "God view" camera and not an arcade on small boats (it can be interesting too, but not with weapons of Cold War), so the Ship, the Ocean and their Connection together are the face of our game.

Technically, there are few challenges we have to fight with:
- The smallest boat in SeaCraft is 19 meters length and the largest is about 170 m. Also, some ships are hovercrafts. Their behaviour is very different when we're speaking in terms of game physics world.
- The tossing should work in multiplayer and be synchronized for even 32 players! As you know, in almost games physics works on client side, but in our case we have to apply different approach (so, all physics will be calculated on server side);

However, it's not a problem for us :) I just want to say that we're on the way with it.