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Tiny Barbarian DX
Status Update--We passed Greenlight!
22 de Outubro de 2013 - gsilverfish

Hey all! Here's an update on where things are at right now!

Steam! -- Thanks to all your Green Light up-votes, Tiny Barbarian DX has passed the Green Light process and is on its way to Steam. Obviously, this is tremendous! Right now we're in the process of getting a Steam-integrated build up and running. Besides just running via Steam, we're also setting up some achievements and will be making use of a few other Steam features, so that's gonna be cool, but is taking a little time to add, and we'll need to have final approval from Steam as well. And of course, everyone who has already bought the game will get a Steam key at no extra cost. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly!

Mac Version! -- It's really close! We're wrapping up gamepad testing (thanks for your help, testers!) and that's gone pretty well. There's still a few little things to do with that but it'll be ready to go soon. I had hoped we'd be able to do Steam and Mac releases at the same time, but we'll have to see how that goes. (Either way it's coming soon!)

Episode 2 -- It's under development, but things are progressing along well. Nearly all the background art is complete, enemies are ready, and a lot of stages have been built. As usual I'm resisting putting a time frame on it but things are starting to come together more quickly now.

He looks ready for another adventure, doesn't he? Thanks again for your support!

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GaurroST 8 Dez, 2013 às 18:52 
these few screenshots from ep2 look sick! you've done a tremendous work so far, this game gives me multiple nerdgasms each time. Can't wait for ep2 ^^
Dieithrio 27 Out, 2013 às 12:45 
Remember Trading Cards ;)
Thri11Ki11 23 Out, 2013 às 23:17 
Woot, thanks for Mac support
Hope you can get a Linux version up and running for our Linux brothers in arms
PaDaUy:::: 23 Out, 2013 às 18:06 
Vlex fini à la pisse des bois 23 Out, 2013 às 4:31 
Cyber Killer 23 Out, 2013 às 1:03 
I hope for a GNU/Linux version.
Kain 22 Out, 2013 às 23:36 
Demo version will be appreciated
Ōkami 22 Out, 2013 às 22:53 
Congratulations, already have my copy, anxiously awaiting for the Steam release.