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The Ship: Full Steam Ahead
February 24, 2016 - Eandaen

Ahoy Shipmates!

We're not live on Early Access!

We've published a development roadmap[] to give you an idea of what's currently in the game and what's still to come.

If you own the original Ship, then you'll get a 25% loyalty discount for the new game. And this week only, there's an additional 15% launch discount (stacking to 40%) - it's a great time to buy the game and help support the development!

January 18, 2016 - Eandaen

The Ship: Remasted will launch on Steam Early Access this February and Blazing Griffin is looking for fans of the original game to get involved.

One of the challenges of remastering an old game is striking a balance between replicating old features that players have fond memories of, and improving them. A reddit user joked recently that The Ship’s convoluted solution to connect to servers is part of the original game’s charm! But, we think we can all agree that it’s also something that can, and should be improved upon!

This is why we’re taking an iterative approach to releasing the game, starting with a few maps at launch in February and releasing the remaining content and features over the next few months.
This means we can get can feedback from fans on the changes we’ve made…like the UI, the layout of security and the values of the needs system. These are relatively small tweaks, but we’d like to know from fans…does it still feel like The Ship? We believe it does and fans will be happy with the approach we’ve taken with these things.

Early Access isn’t for all games or all studios (or for all players), but we’ve always been transparent with our communities and we think it’s a great process to release The Ship: Remasted through. We’ve already taken on a lot of player feedback throughout this project and we want to hear what fans think of what we’ve done so far and to help steer the direction that The Ship takes.

October 14, 2015 - Eandaen

Big news today!

We're pleased to announce our expansion into film today, as we bring on film and post production partners to create two new divisions that will fall under the Blazing Griffin brand.

We've got some pretty awesome projects soon to be announced as well, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter channels for more details very soon!

More information on the merger can be found here[].

July 29, 2015 - Eandaen

Hi everyone,

We've just published a blog post[] which covers some of the questions players have asked about the new game and gives you an idea of the direction we're taking.

Also (and perhaps waaaaay more importantly!), we've reconsidered the name of the upcoming game...all hail The Ship: Remasted!

June 12, 2015 - Eandaen

Ahoy shipmates!

Blazing Griffin is pleased to announce today that development has begun on The Ship: Remasted which will be a high definition remake of the original game due for release early 2016.

When Blazing Griffin acquired the rights to The Ship in 2011, we did so with the intention of developing the franchise further and as you know our initial approach to this was to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a sequel to the game (“Full Steam Ahead”).

Despite the concept being ranked highly on Steam Greenlight (even today it’s still ranked number 5), without the funding to proceed, we couldn’t take it forward. The size and scope of the project was simply too much for a small, newly formed studio to take on, so we worked on a number of other projects with an aim to revisiting The Ship franchise at a later date.

Since then, we’ve grown as a studio as we’ve expanded our portfolio and this year we’ve taken the first step towards our vision for The Ship franchise – The Ship: Remasted.

Last year a former Ship developer joined our team as Technical Director. Jason Kocemba, who was Lead Programmer on the original mod, The Ship: Murder Party and Bloody Good Time, has brought a wealth of experience to our team and importantly has given us valuable insight into the creative vision behind the original game.

It’s on this basis we have begun development on The Ship: HD, which won’t be the end of The Ship franchise, but rather our first step in developing it further.

We appreciate that most of you reading this here on Steam Greenlight may have preferred to hear about a sequel to The Ship, rather than the new version. While we don’t have any firm plans regarding a sequel right now, we do have a long term vision for the franchise. With this in mind, much of the work being carried out for The Ship: Remasted will also contribute to future projects. We’re committed to recreating the experience that fans of The Ship had when they first played the game and look forward to working with the community to this end.

The Ship: Remasted Teaser Trailer

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