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A Mass of Dead
June 1 - Dev Arc

New content update

1. Maps

We added new two maps


The Lab

2. Simple style UI

We modified the UI to simple and clear style.



3. New Zombies

Self-destructs zombie, long range zombie and other zombies

4. Add Items

We added accessories. These are strengthen player’s stat.
Also some things are unique. You can get those accessories through farming.

5. Partial Controller Support

Now we support controller in game play.

We’re also adding a lot of contents.
We’ll do our best to release this project in summer

you can see same contents below url

November 25, 2013 - Dev Arc

Thank you so much all of you.
After long time last, We got a Greenlit.
Thank you for your votes.

As we promised, We prepare to develop co-op mode.
I wish we can do this mode.
But cause of that, It will be postponed little more.
I ask you understand about it.
I'll keep posting for update news at home and steam page.
Again, we are grateful for your attention.
I will do my best for make nice game.

October 9, 2013 - Dev Arc

I'm sorry for late notification of updated news.
We had a lot of events to do.
Because our graphic designer went out, we have only two members now.
So we changed our schedule a little.
We have developed a beta version, and now completed twenty stages and three maps.
It will be shown with the information about it.
Coming soon.

January 22, 2013 - Dev Arc

We know many people want CO-OP mode.

We want to develop CO-OP mode so much as you wish, but we don't have a server programmer.

If the game will be sold many times, then We will give you for DLC or update CO-OP mode.

ps. sorry, I'm not good at English

December 5, 2012 - Dev Arc

A Mass of Dead Linux support now

Game develop by unity engine

Unity engine upgrade unity4

Unity4 support linux

and now A Mass of Dead support linux

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