This game is now available on Steam!

Thanks for your help in getting this game selected for distribution via Steam. More information including a link to the Steam store page can be found below.

Greenlight is being retired. For more information on how to submit games to steam, refer to this blog post.
November 6, 2014 - Santa Ragione


Thank you * 10192830912830982940

It took FOREVER we know! A whole year of Greenlight, plus another year of refinements, bug fixes, and HORRIBLE delays, but here we are!

Let us know what you think of the game, and if you think we honored what we promised you on these pages.

I can't wait to see your name on the scoreboards, you are the best.

Check it out:

Yay! :D

October 14, 2014 - Santa Ragione


We are looking for beta testers for the upcoming FOTONICA Steam release.

Ideally we are looking for skilled FOTONICA players, that would help us test even the hardest achievements!

Other factors we are looking for: unusual setups & Linux users <3

If you'd like to join the beta, please get in touch through forums, email, or preferably DM ( indicating your setup, including your OS and if you have previously played FOTONICA and on what platforms.

If you previously bought FOTONICA from the Humble Store or Humble widget, please also indicate the email you used for your purchase.



October 9, 2014 - Santa Ragione

Our first-person game about running, jumping, sense of speed, and discovery will FINALLY be available on Steam on Thursday the 6th of November.

After a slow-burning Greenlight campaign (THANK YOU <3) we are finally bringing FOTONICA to Steam, including Achievements, Cards and Steamworks rankings.

With eight arcade levels, three endless levels, and a completely new four-player split-screen versus mode, we can say this is the most complete release of FOTONICA to date. Exclusively for PC players, we added an extra, ultra-hard difficulty setting, and a myriad of new options to customize play.

The new FOTONICA will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam, and DRM-free through the Humble Store and our website:

*If you bought FOTONICA for PC in the past, you will receive a Steam key!

January 18, 2013 - Santa Ragione

Hello Everyone, thank you for the great support! Fotonica is getting tons of votes and favorites but we need more help to get on Steam soon! Here is some information you asked about Fotonica and the things we have planned for the Steam release. We will have more updates in the next few weeks but in the meanwhile please have a read!

1) What are the system requirements for FOTONICA?
Just a GFX card that supports Pixel Shaders 3.0. The game is under 100MB. <3

2) What platforms will FOTONICA be available on?
Windows, MacOS and Linux from day one!

3) How much is FOTONICA going to cost?
$9.99! But you can get it for $4.99 on our site until we release the new version. Everyone that purchased FOTONICA in the past will receive a Steam key.

4) How do you play FOTONICA? Do you just press “space” to jump?
No. FOTONICA is a one button game (any button on your keyboard will work), where you hold a button to run and release it to jump. Once you are airborne, you can determine exactly when to land by pressing a button again.

5) Can I play FOTONICA with *insert control peripheral here*?
If your peripheral can output anything that is recognized as a mouse, keyboard or joystick then yes, you can!

6) How long does it take to finish FOTONICA?
On a first try, probably more than 4 hours. You may be able to speedrun FOTONICA in less than 2 hours once you get really good at it. Of course some achievements will be very hard to get and will require lots of practice and skill. This is an arcade game, the old school kind where you get better and better at it and compete for scores -- if you're into online rankings, you will be hooked for a loooong while.

7) Are there forks in the levels?
Yes, every level can be played through many different paths. The beauty of advanced play is discovering the fastest, most convenient path.

8) Will Fotonica have Online Multiplayer?
You will be able to compete with others via the online rankings for scores, and FOTONICA currently offers local, two-player split-screen races over four different courses. We would consider online multiplayer races for a sequel, of course!

9) Will I be able to play my music while playing FOTONICA?
Yo dawg, we are adding an option to turn off music and SFX selectively so you will be able to play your music while playing FOTONICA.

10) FOTONICA is too psychedelic! Is there a “non-seizure” mode?
Yes there is! Go to the options and set QUALITY to FLAT, this is what it looks like: VIDEO

11) What is the goal? What are the pink dots?
FOTONICA has two main modes: "Arcade", where the goal is to reach the end of a level while collecting the highest amount of pink dots and retaining the gold mode as long as possible, and "Endless", where the goal is to survive as long as you can.

12) What is Gold mode?
When you break the sound barrier in FOTONICA your perception of the world changes dramatically and so does your score.

13) But the speed of sound is 343m/s and the gold mode kicks in at 60m/s!
That's the speed of sound through thin air, but FOTONICA does not take place in air.

14) Will you introduce a map editor?
We are not currently planning to make a map editor for FOTONICA, but we are looking into adding some modding tools!

15) Is the FOTONICA Soundtrack available?
Yes it is! You can get it for less than two dollars over at BANDCAMP [].

16) Who wrote the music in FOTONICA?
The menu track and the endless track are by the insanely talented Michael Manning[], while the five levels were written by the amazing Nicolò Sala, sound artist for many Santa Ragione projects. You can check out the full soundtrack over at BANDCAMP [].

17) Are the controls tight?
Extremely! Just have a look at the tricks people are pulling off! YouTube On top of that, we are adding an option to manage the distance between the player position in the game world and the camera, so you will be able to better fine-tune the controls to your playing style.

18) Where are vaults, turns, wall running, music generated levels and all these ideas I have?
Keep the suggestions coming! We love to hear what you would like in FOTONICA. Keep in mind that these are major changes to the gameplay so it's something we will experiment with in case we work on a sequel.

19) What will the two remaining levels be inspired by?
We haven't announced anything yet but we will in the next few weeks! Expect something space-related and something tied with our other games.

20) Who will write the music for the new levels?
We haven't announced it yet but you will be surprised! Keep an eye on this page.

21) The arm movements looks too slow!
We will toy around with faster hand movements but we really like this impression of gliding through a fluid that the hands currently give. Also, you can turn off the hands animations in the menu!

22) This game looks like Mirror's Edge, Canabalt, and Rez!
We <3 those games! We like the immediacy of Canabalt and its speed, the beautiful acrobatics and the sense of vertigo of Mirror's Edge, and the vector graphics and arcade gameplay of Rez!

23) Will you add Oculus Rift support?
We got a dev kit and are experimenting with it ;) no promises, but if it works well we will!

24) Are you porting FOTONICA to the Vectrex?
We'd love to! We are officially hiring Vectrex programmers.

25) What can I do to help FOTONICA get on Steam?
It's coming! The game has officially been greenlit!

That's all for now, if you have any more questions please let us know in the comments!

November 25, 2012 - Santa Ragione

You can play two levels from FOTONICA plus an endless generated level here:
The game will have 7 levels plus 4 endless levels when we release on Steam, along with split screen, online rankings, achievements, and much more.

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