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Oberon's Court
The dungeons of Oberon's Court
November 29, 2013 - muppetpuppet

So I've decided to add mini-dungeons to the game maps.. Allowing you to enter the different ruins and keeps on the main map..

These dungeons can unlock extra resources, or enemies. 💩Additionally some dungeons will allow the user to perform various rituals, such as chaining unformed shadows to your army, ascending existing units, or permanently buffing units..

Also you will meet some elder shadows that inhabit this underworld, such as cleaners, mechanics, or glutons.. 💩Cleaners being insane elder shadows that devour any other shadow they come across, 💩the mechanics are hive mind, shadows that control the walking lands, and the glutons are shadows that have feasted to much and expanded to amorphous blobs

Anyhoe, here's some samples of a few dungeon themes