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Oberon's Court
April 21, 2014 - muppetpuppet

"The battle was short, a flutter of bravado, the soft embrace of muddy ground . The sound of wooden wheels sloshing through it , as you silently thank the looters for taking your body away, a reprieve before the final indignity. Night is coming, all is lost. Time for carrion to dream, the dream eternal, surrender or rise a shadow"

Oberon’s Court is Coming to Steam

Thanks to some great fellow devs and the awesome people of Valve, Oberon’s Court is now coming to Steam. This is great news and will push Oberon’s Court to a whole new level. However this also entails a heavy overhaul and tweaking of systems for PC. Starting with the control scheme, but also a higher quality of visuals and content. This also means I’m switching the release platform from mobile to Steam/PC to make maximum use of this opportunity

Release/Development Timeline
Releasing on Steam means the intense juggling between Oberon’s Court and my regular work will reach new highs. I've pushed a tentative release date to Q2 of this year. Early Access is under discussion, but not decided yet, I’d prefer not to have the game languish in Early Access for very long. Currently the major to do is adding a solid dialogue and mission system, as I’d like to add a heavier adventure layer to the game’s storytelling. This also means employing more Voice Acting which has already been arranged(sorry), as the goal remains to keep the game fully voices in English at release.

What about Mobile?
I hope sincerely that launching on a high profile platform such as steam and its associated means for user feedback and testing, that the game will improve in quality. And ultimately this also means that the game delivered to mobile will be of a higher quality. Release will be some time after PC launch, and I’d rather not commit to deadlines I can’t keep. I hope mobile users waiting for the game can wait a bit longer..Mobile and touch controls are still in the game’s DNA and I’ll make sure to keep it that way.

Development Video (see gallery)
  • Mouse controls: A fancy new cursor system a la “the 7th Guest”.
  • More responsive units:Control and AI felt sluggish, completely revamped
  • Shorter loading times: yes…. indeed.
  • Increased Unit Cap per squad: for PC version up to 4 per squad.
  • New theme:Necropolis, a place for the player to meet some of the more established souls in the afterlife.Possible Hub Location.

Development images

New Units: There’s the Cottle Knight(airborne fast unit), the Bull Bodger (basic infantry) and the Saurly (unreleased class)
cottle knigh and saurly

New Harvesting: We now have fancy undulating tentacles.

Dialogue: Dialogue is the main to do, but the first designs are done.
dialogue design

Grass Experiments: Experimenting with various PC exclusive graphical enhancements
Grass experiment

Mushrooms: you gotta try these… or not, but a sample of some of the mission specific effects.New

Themes: Bone-yard and Necropolis are now added to the existing Dream-time,Flagellate Bowl and Battlefield themes.

About Oberon’s Court
Oberon's Court is a journey of the soul as it transitions through the afterlife, reclaiming its identity by conquering the harsh world of shadows. Will you chain and bind other souls and make those weaker suffer, or shepherd them to their own salvation. Oberon's Court mixes RPG elements with a RTS control scheme and combat to create a streamlined strategical adventure experience. Combat is quick and fierce, no mulling over stats, two souls go in, one comes out as a master, the other a slave, or worst.

Oberon's Court is being developed by Tomas Sala under his own label: Boof games.

March 22, 2014 - muppetpuppet

It's been a while since I added new media, so there's new images and a recent build video

March 21, 2014 - muppetpuppet

psst. It's been a bit quit here, but more news will follow soon.

December 11, 2013 - muppetpuppet

What's happened in development the last month:

reliquaries are no longer just random statues that pop up from the ground. I had a tracking mini game in mind, but with a bit of perspective that just felt like a cop-out,and a bad idea. So you will now find fields of graves that will provide the blood reliquary (and resource, and you'll find essence pools that provide the essence resource. This way you'll be able to scout for resources and claim them more easily creating a better game-play path through a map.

essence pool, with bodger and bellyall unit

field of graves


As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been trying to put all the meta-game stuff (managing your persistent army/collection) in mini-dungeons. This means you'll find the following (amongst others) items in the mini dungeons. These will come in the shape of rituals to perform or elder shadows to meet.
chaining a new shadow from its crypt (adding units to your army collection)
upgrading units, (ritual)
destroying units (you have a unit cap both in active units, and units in your collection) these are the mechanic elder shadows, searching for a way out of the underworld, and you can offer them one of your units as test subject. (there's a bit of an over-arching quest feel to this, to reap the real reward)
-finding steel reliquaries
-finding bone reliquaries (only blood/health and essence/stamina resources can be found on the main map now)
-receiving special abilities from custom encounters (based on the unit you send into the dungeon)
-random enemy encounters
- a few story driven encounters

The mini-dungeons are the largest remaining bit of actual coding and modelling/animating to be done.

No more mapscreen

I've also been working on removing the map-screen.You now have portals in the game-world that will transport you to a new map, creating a bit of a rogue-like feel to a campaign. This is now working and finished, but required a lot of re-factoring.

Map Loading

Re-factoring the load system, this was required for the seamless teleportation between maps. Now the entire game system is loaded on startup and never unloaded. In practice this means the initial load time will be a bit longer, but the loading time between maps is a few seconds tops. This as i'm keeping all the assets and pools in memory and then rebuilding a new map on the fly, but not destroying units and other pools.. This has cost me the most time so far, as it also meant creating a good level description system, such as what flavor/theme is a map, does it have a cutscene/intro, what enemies and what level enemies does it contain, what dungeons are accessible etc etc.

Portrait mode

I've been trying to get a good portrait mode working.So you can play it easily from your iPhone, and are not required to flip your phone on the go. This required some experimentation with the swipe sensitivity and Field of view for instance.

More Maps and level variation

I've been working on creating more variation in the level environment, so more mountains, plains and distinct set pieces.

Boof games

I've got a label!, as I'm self publishing I felt I needed a label, for this and future projects.

Making it to the SlideDB AOTY top 50

And finally Oberon's Court has been nominated in the Slide DB AOTY awards under the catagory best upcoming RTS. If you'd like to help out please vote, its very appreciated if you do.. Just follow the link and click on the vote button, no registration required (select upcoming and then real time strategy) or directly on the gamepage:

So that's an update. Hope you liked it, and make sure to post and ask questions.

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