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Legend of Dungeon
November 22, 2012 - Cap'n Robot

Demo ended with the Kickstarter, thanks for playing :D

November 21, 2012 - Cap'n Robot

In less then 24hours we've gone above our set goal of $5k thanks to the awesome support of our backers. Now we just need to be greenlit so we can give out Steam Keys with our rewards!

November 19, 2012 - Cap'n Robot

Just wanted to make a post to clear up some questions and concerns expressed in the comments here and elsewhere.

The game is in very very early alpha. We have a playable demo that's going to be going up with our Kickstarter soon, but this is the simplest form of the game. We have a TON more content to add to it, and even more we would like to add with Kickstarter Stretch Goals.

The title, 'Legend of Dungeon' is intentionally, over the top, generic. We think it's funny, glad some of you think so too. I have a bad habit of telling jokes to amuse myself instead of others, so when I see people complain about the title I just crack up... >_> Sorry.

At the moment, the game only supports Single Computer Multiplayer. That means 4 Controllers hooked up to the same machine and friends within High-Five distance. This doesn't mean that online multiplayer is impossible.... It's just not a simple thing to add to the game. We never expected the kind of response we've gotten from the community.... So online multiplayer is a distinct possibility, if you NEED it keep letting us know and you'll probably see it added as a stretch goal on Kickstarter.

Yep, we are using normal maps on the sprites, it's a pretty cool trick :D

It was hard to get Batman/Rorschach/Doctor Claw to do the voiceover, but I think it was worth it.

We have a lot more screenshots info etc over on our Dev Blog, so check that out if you want the latest:

And a very sincere thank you. I have no doubt this game will get on steam thanks to all your support!

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