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Legend of Dungeon
Newest build, Alpha Hell Bat.
21 febbraio 2013 - Chaotic Kitten

I just wanted to give you all a brief update in our development of Legend of Dungeon. The newest additions to the game are: Switches that are randomized throughout the dungeon, flames(they hurt now) and secret walls(also placed randomly) that get triggered by the switches, less obnoxious Goblins, new room tiles, and a few tweaks to balancing,

You can see the full changelog here:

Now we are adding in another bunch of monsters, bosses, and weapons, and we've also got Dynamic music well on it's way to being in game!

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3 commenti
HaCurry 9 mar 2013, ore 8:42 
when is it goin' to release
Cap'n Robot 4 mar 2013, ore 14:16 
jbf, sorry, the demo was just for the kickstarter.
iii 4 mar 2013, ore 7:47 
where i can play the demo T-T