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Legend of Dungeon
Kickstarter Backed in Less then a Day!
21 novembre 2012 - Cap'n Robot

In less then 24hours we've gone above our set goal of $5k thanks to the awesome support of our backers. Now we just need to be greenlit so we can give out Steam Keys with our rewards!

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8 commentaires
Cap'n Robot 6 déc 2012 à 15h39 
Groupees version was just a special version of the Demo, not the full thing. (we didn't make anything off that exchange) If you want the full thing, and steam keys when it comes out, it's up on Kickstarter for a few more days.
Occasionally Watch BBW porn 6 déc 2012 à 4h09 
Once greenlit does groupees refresh the key info?
Scooter Du 26 nov 2012 à 21h51 
Devil Man X 24 nov 2012 à 14h12 
Then = One thing comes after another. (Ex: I had dinner THEN I had dessert.)
Than = One thing is greater or larger. (Ex: I have more cookies THAN you do.)
Miltrivd 21 nov 2012 à 19h58 
Awww guys, online co-op at 100K. Nevertheless, congrats and best of luck!
General Chaøs™ 21 nov 2012 à 12h34 
Very nice congrats gave you a vote n SteamGreenlight.
Patrick Swayze 21 nov 2012 à 12h18 
Mystical forest will probably look amazing too with that lighting system.
Metro 21 nov 2012 à 12h09 
Congrats! Really hope you hit the Overworld stretch goal.