Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с ее разработчиком и начала подготовку к ее выходу в Steam.

26 января - zii

Hello, everybody! If you would like to follow my development more closely during these last few weeks, you can follow my personal Twitter, @MajorMcDoom. I'll still keep updating this page, but only once in a while. Thanks for your continued support! I will be working my butt off to bring you this game soon. =)

24 января - zii

Making last few levels and doing final polish. Music and sound are all done. Gamepad fully supported. Should be ready to launch in early Feb! Here are some screenies in the meantime: Spanish translation, and alternate colour schemes if black & white hurts your eyes. :D

7 ноября, 2014 - zii

Hi everyone!

We're facing a minor delay due to difficulties on the legal side of things. We are now aiming for a mid January release. In the meantime, we're adding some cool new things to the game, like Steam achievements, alternate color schemes, and a new puzzle element.

We're almost there! Thanks for your patience! =)

26 сентября, 2014 - zii

Hello everybody,

We're back!

Sorry for the wait! A lot has happened since our last update... One of us is pretty much unemployed now, and the other is completely focused on grad school. Frankly, there were times when it seemed certain the project was going to be abandoned.

But rest assured, Parallax is now back in motion! Please give us your full support for a couple more months as we work toward a November release!

We leave you with a few new screenshots of the latest iteration of the game, with some cool new things!

Zi & Jesse


30 октября, 2013 - zii

We're finally Greenlit! Thank you to all who supported us all this way!
We're still working on some exciting new things, so stay tuned for updates!

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