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Rush Bros.
Music-Based Platforming!
February 4, 2013 - Ian B.

Rush Bros. is a platforming-racing game which uses your own Mp3 collection to directly affect your game play!

In Rush Bros. you and another player (Online or beside you via Split-Screen) play as two DJs who are competing for a multimillion dollar recording contract in an arena of death and destruction!

Rush Bros. has been in development for 2 years with a team of industry veterans who wanted to make a game which would allow them to engage each other in a high speed platforming race akin to speed-running in real time across numerous neon-lit stages with a variety of differint types of gameplay. These stages, as said before, have been designed so that they will come alive to your soundtrack! Rush Bros. reads your music in real-time! No loading or track analysis! You can even change songs during play if you don't like the current beat and how it's affecting your game play experience.


• Exploration Tracks (easy-going, story-Driven, and ambient)
• Puzzle Tracks (real brain teasers)
• Combat Tracks (filled with puzzles, traps, and power-ups to use against your opponent)
• Hardcore Tracks (which are intentionally designed to be as difficult as possible)
• Your Music, Your Choice of Colors & Your own Rules (You come first!)
• Your Music Selection Impacts Game Visuals and Game Play Elements
• Tons of Traps & Obstacles Deploy to the Beat of Your Music!
• Intuitive Platforming Controls (That Anyone Can Pick Up and Play!)
• Highly Engaging Competitive Play
• Designed From the Ground-Up With Multi-player In Mind
• Single Player (Time Trial), Split-Screen Multi-player, and Online Multi-player Modes
• Characters Can Wall-jump, Power-slide, and Perform Many Classic Platforming Moves You May Recall From Your Childhood
• Each Stage Has Its Own Unique Animated Background Painting
• Characters & Art Are High-Contrast, High-Definition, and Hand-Drawn
• Full Steamworks Integration (Matching, Stats, Leaderboards)
• Winning a Race Gives You the Option to Crush your opponent!
• After Each Race You Can Vote to Have a Rematch or Pick a New Stage.