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Haunted Memories
5 ianuarie, 2014 - ParanormalDev

Hello there!

These are our first picks:

Praise The Sun
Irrational Touching
\gB/ Jpkurihara
Law Abiding Engineer

Congratulations! We will contact all of you after each release with promocode to download fresh DLC for free. People mentioned above will get all episodes, what means that we will contact you at least five times :)

Soon we will announce Part 2 (first two episodes for free) and Part 3(first episode for free) of our picks so still... stay tuned :)

All best,

5 ianuarie, 2014 - ParanormalDev

Hi there!

Just want to say that now you are able to prepurhase second episode of Haunted Memories (as well as play first one for free - this will never change :)). If you want to support us before release of Ep02 - go right here:

and get your copy!

By the way - this evening we will announce testers that will get free access to all episodes... so stay tuned!

All best,

28 septembrie, 2013 - ParanormalDev

Hi there!

We just want to say that HM Ep01: Haunt release date was moved from 30th September to 4th October. There are two reasons why we have decided to do so.

First off Monday isn't a good day for premiere. Isn't it? We believe that there is nothing better than game released just before weekend starts.

Second thing is xBox Controller support. At the moment it's possible to play with controller, but all game menus are controlled only by keyboard and mouse. We want to fix that feature before release. Thanks to that after download you will be able to sit comfy on your sofa and play without keboard and mouse on your side.

We want you to know that there is no reason to be worried. First episode is done and all we need is good momentum and all features fully working. Hope you will stay with us and still watch the counter :)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or

All best,

11 septembrie, 2013 - ParanormalDev

Hello mates!

Now you can visit HM store page and watch the counter ;>


7 iulie, 2013 - ParanormalDev

Hi there!

As you can see game is re-branded... we know... again. BUT now it's not our fault - the fact is that there is a game called "Haunt" already ;) We've decided to use our desired title now and don't wait any second longer to reveal details about Haunted Memories!

Game description is changed (you will find there all details), website is changed (new one is, even in-game file book has changed (see new screenshots)!

One thing remains - price of episode called "Haunt". Game will be available on steam soon (month, two?), and you will be able to get HM for free and play completely new, re-produced, re-written, re-designed "Haunt". Game provides new map (with new puzzles and places), so even the biggest veterans will have to search and think again. We've reduced number of 'scraps', instead of we've added more adventure and survival elements (in old-fashioned way).

Enough talking. Soon you will see and feel on your own skin what we've prepared for you.

All best!
ParanormalDev Team

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