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Haunted Memories
1.1 OUT!
2013. január 31. - ParanormalDev

IndieDB files are updated to 1.1! Get newest Haunt from:


Game is still uploading to other mirrors, so be patient if IndieDB will be crowded for a while. Tomorrow whole mirror list will be published at our facebook wall, so stay tuned :)

All best!
ParanormalDev Team

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16 megjegyzés
Cyborghunter18 2013. márc. 21., du. 12:22 
ParanormalDev 2013. márc. 21., de. 1:54 
Write to us at info monkey haunt-slendergame dot com. We will help you there.
Cyborghunter18 2013. márc. 20., du. 12:47 
sorry i just want to play the game
ParanormalDev 2013. márc. 19., du. 10:56 
the robot hunter - can you be more specific please? :) What is excactly your problem and OS that you're running on?
Cyborghunter18 2013. márc. 19., du. 5:43 
i dont know how to start the game help me!?
Cyborghunter18 2013. márc. 19., du. 5:42 
how do i play the game am keep finding out but i cant
ParanormalDev 2013. márc. 15., de. 8:40 
Thanks 8-bit - link updated, it's working now. Keep in mind that in next news you can find huge list of Haunt mirrors.
8-bit 2013. márc. 14., du. 12:33 
The download link is incorrect.
Xenonien 2013. febr. 5., de. 10:43 
Nice ....
Signals To Vega∞ 2013. febr. 3., de. 11:31 
good! VERY GOOD!!