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Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold
Fester Mudd Soundtrack
7 stycznia 2013 - Trowsers

Hello Adventure Gamers,

We are getting closer to our release date and would like to show off some of the progress we have made on the soundtrack. Here is a short slideshow containing a few of the tracks that are going to be in the game. It is also located on the front page, as the second video.


We hope everyone has had a great holiday season!

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Komentarzy: 9
Schtroumpf 26 lutego 2013 o 12:29 
Hello !
Will we get the soundtrack as bonus with the game if greenlighted please?
X Marks The Spot 7 lutego 2013 o 14:11 
Very nice, I love it!
Trowsers 10 stycznia 2013 o 9:57 
The Groupees download is not available yet, we will post when it becomes available.

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Penumbro 9 stycznia 2013 o 10:19 
MacEff 8 stycznia 2013 o 10:32 
†.C.H.A.S.E.† 8 stycznia 2013 o 5:06 
Sounds good :)
Oddjob 7 stycznia 2013 o 17:13 
where is the groupees download?
Dunther 7 stycznia 2013 o 13:44 
Dieithrio 7 stycznia 2013 o 13:00 
Well done. Hope you are on the right way to be greenlit ;)