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6. februar 2014 - Rozsd_s

Thank you!

5. februar 2014 - Rozsd_s


That is the number of weapon/ability combinations you can possibly try with a fully upgraded arsenal in Pengame.

Please, please, someone tell us we miscalculated, because this'll be a pain in the arse to balance test!

Well, let us start with the number of abilities. 16. You'll have 3 of these (Teleport, Bullet time and Time revers) always equipped. These are your core abilities. You can choose from the 13 rest 4. Whichever combination you want. That is 13*12*11*10/(4*3*2) combinations so far. 715. Got that? Great.

Moving to the upgrades. All abilities have 3 upgrade tiers. In each tiers there are 2 possible upgrades from which you choose one. You pay for the tier when buying an upgrade not for the specific upgrade, and you can freely change between the two upgrades later on. And there are no prerequisites. This means every ability has 8 possible upgrade combinations.

Here are the upgrade tiers for Bullet time, in case I wasn't perfectly clear in the previous section

(Short distance teleport)
Tier 1
  • Flash Step
    Blink costs less focus.
  • Faster Than Darkness
    Slightly damage enemies that you teleport through or into.
    Changes the colour of the Blink effect to black.
Tier 2
  • Vacuum
    Will suck your enemies in the direction of the take-off point.
    Adds a "Shluck!" Sound effect
  • Organ donors
    Teleporting through or into enemies will slightly heal Stickman.
    Changes the colour of the Blink effect to green.
Tier 3
  • Energy distribution
    Will push away enemies from the spot you are teleporting to.
    Adds a "Puck!" Sound effect and a telekinetic wave effect.
  • Sonic boom
    Teleporting will cause a sonic explosion at the take-off point, which will stun and slightly damage enemies.

This changes the formula to 8^7*13*12*11*10/(4*3*2) (because you can have 7 abilities equipped at once).

Moving on. Weapons. We got 10 upgradable weapons. All equipped at once. Same upgrade system. Adding 8^10 to the formula makes it 8^17*13*12*11*10/(4*3*2).

That's 1.610.036.866.784.952.320 possible combinations. You can choose a new weapon/ability combination every 10 seconds for 10 years, and you'll still probably always choose one nobody ever used, or will use!

27. januar 2014 - Rozsd_s

We decided to announce this thing for good.
Read everything in this post carefully, because we don't want anything misunderstood.
Are you sitting comfortably? Let us begin then.

We don't have the resources to add online multiplayer to Pengame right now. We're going to release it as a single player game. Our budget and time is limited, so we made a choice.

We also want it to have multiplayer. If Pengame turns out to be succesful we'll get to work immediately and add multiplayer as a patch later (For free, not as a paid DLC!). But it all depends on the success of the game.

To sum up:
1. Releasing Pengame, single player, windows only.
2. Make money.
3. Use money to add Multiplayer as a free patch.

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